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Mother Of The Dragons by A. R. Grosjean

They were forbidden to love each other because he was promised to another but their hearts couldn’t resist. When discovered, she was made an example of.

The king’s wizard cast a spell transforming Dawnrae into a beast no man, woman, or child had ever seen. She was the first, her children would be born these beasts. The love of her life killed before her eyes; she is without love. Really seeing her for the first time, the wizard casts a new spell. If she finds true love, the spell will be broken. But there is a war between man and beast.

Will she survive? Will she have a second chance at love?

Global Library: Romance, Paranormal, Demons, Devils

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Spawn Of The Curse by A. R. Grosjean

Just when Donna thought she killed the curse, she discovers its new birth, and it hits a little close to home.

Upon discovering her own daughter with the demonic curse, Donna must save her before the world is destroyed. Before she can save her, she must find her first!

Will Donna be able to save her daughter from a curse she enjoys?

Will Donna be able to save the world before it’s destroyed?

Who will die? How far will a mother go to save a daughter she doesn’t know?

Global Library: Romance, Paranormal, Demons, Devils


Peterson Estate Series: Birth Of A Witch by A. R. Grosjean

Emily discovers she is the Great Witch, a very powerful witch who’s birth was foretold. But she must learn how to use her powers first. This is a story about a woman who faces evil to save her family, friends, and the entire world. But she must save her home first. This is the beginning of her long story–the beginning of a series of Emily Peterson’s stories.

Global Library: Romance, Fantasy Paranormal, Demons, Devils

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Peterson Estate 2: A New Beginning by A. R. Grosjean

Emily Peterson and her family have lost their home but something new and strange has taken its place.

Now there is a new evil within the walls and Emily must stop it before it escapes into the world. She must stop her father and Feida from opening the gates.

Will she succeed?

Global Library: Romance, Fantasy Paranormal, Demons, Devils

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Stolen Identity by Amber Rigby Grosjean

Sex, lies, and murder. A story about a man who learns his life is a lie and steals his twin brother’s life for justice and revenge.

What will the brother’s wife do when she learns his secrets?

Run or fight back?

Global Library: Erotica Thriller, Suspense

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About The Author: A.R. Grosjean is author of Mother of the Dragons, Peterson Estate series (Birth of the Witch, A New Beginning, and more coming soon), Spawn of the Curse, and coming soon Cursed Blood: Bloodline Curse. I also wrote Stolen Identity under my full name Amber Rigby Grosjean.

When she was young, she was bullied and teased. It was so bad that she even tried to end her life, when she was 10 years old. It didn’t work, but at the age of 11, she discovered writing and it changed her life forever. It helped her escape from the pain. Suffering from depression and anxiety, she needed an outlet.

When I met her husband, he taught her to be a better person. Even though she still suffered from depression and anxiety, she didn’t need writing to escape. Now she simply writes to bring a little brightness in someone else’s life.

It took 20 years to publish her first book. She never gave up even though people told her, she wouldn’t succeed. She adopted the phrase, “dreams really do come true”, because it is very true. If you have a dream, don’t give up on it.

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