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We Get Asked These Questions All The Time:

  • Can a family member purchase my ‘Author’s Page’ and/or a ‘Promotional Campaign’ for me, as a gift?
  • Can I pay for my ‘Author Friend’ to join Book Marketing Global Network?
  • Can I get some extra Author/Book promotion for paying for my ‘Author Friend’ to join?

We Answer ‘Yes’ To These Questions.

  • Pay for your author friend to join as a gift.
  • Tell your ‘Author Friend’ about the value of your ‘Author’s Page’.
  • Show your ‘Author Friend’ your Visitor/Reader’s Count (top left-hand side of your ‘Author’s Page’).
  • Let your ‘Author Friend’ know that we work hard to build a readership for each ‘Author’s Page’ and we promote year-round.
  • If you have had a ‘BMGN Book Review’, share the results.

For Your Time and Kindness:

  • For every ‘Author Friend’ that you sign up and pay for (Author’s Page with a Promotional Campaign), you earn a ‘Promotional Campaign’. This ‘Promotional Campaign’ will be formatted like the other ‘Promotional Campaigns’ you have received in the past.
  • You will receive a ‘Promotional Report’ (with the live promotional links) formatted like the other ‘Promotional Reports’ you have received in the past.
  • We will also give you ‘Special Name Recognition’ here on ‘BMGN’ for your ‘Share With Author Friend’ kindness.

Give A Gift That Keeps On Giving! This is the perfect gift to give your favorite Author!

Gift Certificates:

  • You can purchase a ‘BMGN Author’s Page Gift Certificate’ to give your special ‘Author Friend’.
  • Friends and Family can purchase a ‘BMGN Book Page Gift Certificate’ or ‘BMGN New Promotional Campaign Gift Certificate’ to give as a gift.
  • Invoice will be sent to email. After payment the ‘Gift Certificate’ will be sent by email.

Gifts: Name(s) of person(s) giving a “Gift” will be displayed.

For More Details Contact:

Author’s Page Given As Gift To (Author Ulff Lehmann) by Author Allan Batchelder (06-05-2021)

View Our January 2022 Global Library/Grandma’s Book Club Award Winners Here!

Program Start Date: June 05, 2021.

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