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We Get Asked These Questions All The Time:

  • Can I invite My ‘Author Friend’ To Join Me Here At Book Marketing Global Network?
  • Can I Pay For My ‘Author Friend’ To Join Me Here At Book Marketing Global Network?
  • Can I Get Some Extra Author/Book Promotion For Inviting My ‘Author Friend’ To Join?

We Answer ‘Yes’ To These Questions.

This Programs Rewards Each One Of Our Authors, Who Invites An ‘Author Friend’, To Join Him/Her Here At Book Marketing Global Network (see details below).

  • Invite your ‘Author Friend’ to join you here at Book Marketing Global Network.
  • Tell your ‘Author Friend’ about the value of your ‘Author’s Page’.
  • Show your ‘Author Friend’ your Visitor/Reader’s Count (at the top of your ‘Author’s Page’).
  • Let your ‘Author Friend’ know that we work hard to build a readership for each ‘Author’s Page’ and we promote year-round.
  • Let your ‘Author Friend’ know that there is NO Annual or Monthly Renewal fees here at ‘BMGN’.
  • If you have had a ‘BMGN Book Review’ share the results and your impressions with your ‘Author Friend’.
  • Instruct your ‘Author Friend’ to give us your name, at the time they join (so you get the recognition).

For Your Time and Kindness:

  • For every ‘Author Friend’ that you invite and they sign-up for an ‘Author’s Page’ (with a Promotional Campaign) here at Book Marketing Global Network, you earn a new ‘Promotional Campaign’. This ‘Promotional Campaign’ will be formatted like the other ‘Promotional Campaigns’ you have received in the past.
  • You will receive a ‘Promotional Report’ (with the live promotional links) formatted like the other ‘Promotional Reports’ you have received in the past.
  • We will also give you ‘Special Name Recognition’ here on ‘BMGN’ for your ‘Share With Author Friend’ kindness.

Friends Reaching Out To Friends: Please share the link below with your ‘Author Friends’ who wish to join Book Marketing Global Network.

Note: Once your ‘Author Friend’ joins and his/her ‘Author’s Page’ (with a ‘Promotion Campaign’) is created, he/she will also receive our ‘Promotional Campaign’ with our ‘Promotional Report’ when the work is done.

Keep In Mind: Authors are Avid Readers! We support each other through ‘sharing resources’ and buying books!

Give A Gift That Keeps On Giving! This is the perfect gift to give your favorite Author!

Gift Certificates: You can purchase a ‘BMGN Author’s Page Gift Certificate’ to give your special ‘Author Friend’. Friends and Family can purchase a ‘BMGN Add A Book Gift Certificate’ or ‘BMGN New Promotional Campaign’ Gift Certificate’ to give as a gift.

Gifts: Name(s) of person(s) giving a “Gift” will be displayed.

Contact Email To Admin:

Thank You: Thank you for taking the time, to invite your ‘Author Friend’ to Book Marketing Global Network!

Author’s Page Given As Gift To (Author Ulff Lehmann) by Author Allan Batchelder (06-05-2021)

Program Start Date: June 05, 2021.

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