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When I Grow Up by Ernesto Patiño

Miss Williams asked her students to think about what they wanted to be when they grew up. 

Their assignment is to put their ideas down on paper and share with their fellow students. 

Rudy took the assignment very seriously. 

He wanted to be just like his father. 

Grandma’s Book Club: Children’s School Issues, Children’s Parents Books

Quote From The Author: “I believe that my purpose as a storyteller is simply to write a good novel that people will remember long after they’ve read the last page.”

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The Boy Who Wouldn’t Smile by Ernesto Patiño

Why won’t Antonio smile?

That is what everyone wants to know.

For some unexplainable reason he refuses to smile.

Like a missing piece of a puzzle, there is something missing in Antonio’s life that keeps him from smiling.

But what could it be?

Find out in this charming, heartwarming story that will delight young and older readers alike.

Grandma’s Book Club: Children’s

Quote From The Author: “I believe that my purpose as a storyteller is simply to write a good novel that people will remember long after they’ve read the last page.”

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In The Shadow Of A Stranger by Ernesto Patiño

As a result of a chance encounter with a Holocaust survivor on vacation in Mexico City, young attorney Antonio de la Vega learns that his natural father is a former SS officer who committed heinous crimes against the Jews during World War II.

Obsessed with the idea of meeting his father, Antonio embarks on a search that takes him from Mexico to the United States and ultimately to South America, meeting ageing ex-Nazis, vengeful Jews, and an alluring young woman who has been assigned to watch his every move.

Meanwhile, Antonio’s semi-recluse mother is suddenly faced with the possibility that the man she once loved may soon reappear…

Global Library: Suspense Thrillers

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The Last Of The Good Guys by Ernesto Patiño

When three former cops commit suicide, private investigator Alec Santana knows it not a coincidence. An ex-cop inexplicably commits suicide in Miami, and his widow turns to her husband’s best friend, Alec Santana, for assistance.

Soon after, two more ex-cops commit suicide. After talking to one of the widows, Santana discovers they all had a single event in common: they responded to a Christmas Eve fire almost fifteen years ago. Threatening letters turn up, prompting Alec to dig deeper into events from the past. He knows he’s on the right track but things turn dangerous as someone tries to run him off the road.

The police refuse to help, insisting there’s no connection between the suicides and recent accidents. Alec hits one dead end after another in his search for suspects and he nearly gives up, until he uncovers a shocking secret…

Global Library: Mystery (Private Investigator)

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Web Of Secrets by Ernesto Patiño

Some family history is too dangerous to be revealed.

Sarah Baker’s search for the truth about her adoption uncovered a tangled web of deadly secrets. A phone call from a blackmailer turned Sarah’s life upside down. The man claimed to know the circumstances of her illegal adoption thirty years ago. He also revealed some shocking facts about her real parents.

Rather than have the blackmailer go public with the information and risk her husband’s career, she agreed to a one-time payoff. Their situation was far from resolved, and doubts about her heritage put a strain on their once ideal marriage.

Sarah still didn’t have verification of the truth. She needed more details. Were there any brothers or sisters, or other family members nearby?

Had the same blackmailer approached them too?

Hiring a Private Investigator seemed the only option, but it meant opening a Pandora’s box. Sarah needed confirmation and closure, and was willing to take the risk. Ex FBI investigator turned P.I. Joe Coopersmith was up to the task, but working on a thirty-year-old mystery wouldn’t be easy. Joe didn’t realize it might also turn deadly.

Global Library: Mystery (Private Investigator)

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Quote From The Author: “I believe that my purpose as a storyteller is simply to write a good novel that people will remember long after they’ve read the last page.”

About The Author: Ernesto Patino grew up in El Paso where he graduated from the University of Texas at El Paso. He received a Bachelor of Music Degree and taught school for a couple of years before joining the FBI as a Special Agent. His career spanned 23 years, most of which were spent in South Florida.

He now lives in Southern Arizona with his wife Pamela with whom he shares a passion for ethnic cuisines, classical music and traveling.

The characters in his novels are loosely based on people he met during the course of his life as an FBI agent and later as a private investigator.

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