General Fiction by Debi Stanton

The White Sofa by Debi Stanton

Sam walked over to the pile of canvases leaning against the opposite wall. Flipping past the portrait of the small child with the oval eyes, to a dark canvas full of eerie blacks and blues, Sam’s eyes widened. Grotesque faces with mouths agape, loomed in the dark tree limbs encompassed with shadows of a night sky. Sam felt herself shudder and pressed on to the next canvas.

Flipping on, she came upon a canvas that was just as eerie, although the scene was different; a dark house, late at night with only one window illuminated. Scary, Sam thought. She immediately flipped to the next canvas. She nearly jumped out of her skin as a red-faced demon glared back at her. With wide eyes and mouth agape, it seemed to lunge at her. He had horns that were twisted so the points were prevalent and seemed to draw your attention to the fact that this creature could gouge you to death.

Quickly moving on, the next painting was a single iridescent moon in the middle of a solid black canvas. The moon was oozing into the background. That was enough! Sam shoved the paintings back against the wall and looked at the portrait of the little girl again. “What the hell happened to her that she could move from painting the innocence of a child to pure evil?” she muttered. “What went through my sister’s mind? I just don’t understand what drove her into this madness.”

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Paperback: 220 Pages
July 30, 2018
Genre: General Fiction

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The Fellowship Flock by Debi Stanton

Fellowship First is the only church in Fairhope, so if you need some “churchin’” that’s where you attend.

The members are known as The Fellowship Flock, a term given to them by the oldest member of the congregation, Oldham Jacobson. Oldham is known for turning a phrase!

As with many “churchie” communities, there is a feeling of camaraderie, spiritual love, and drama….oh yes, there is drama!

Not everyone in Fairhope attends the little church, but you can bet that everyone at the church knows what is going on with everyone in town. And, if you didn’t know what was going on before, you are about to be enlightened!

This story is fiction. While Fairhope, Alabama does exist, all characters represented here are fictionalized. Any likeness to those living or dead is purely coincidental.

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Paperback: 352 Pages
April 4, 2016
General Fiction

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About The Author: Author Debi Stanton lives in Scipio, Indiana with her husband, Ray and their four adorable canines: Toby, Scarlett, Dottie and Bella Graycee.

Debi has a son, Dustin and a daughter, Casey. Debi has several grandchildren, and four step-children and two step-grandchildren.

She has an Associates Degree in Business from IVY Tech State College; an Associates Degree in Science in Computer Information Systems from IVY Tech State College; Bachelors of Science in Business from Indiana Wesleyan University; Masters in Business Administration from Indiana Wesleyan University; and a Masters in Health Care Administration from the University of Phoenix.

Debi is the owner of Pen It! Publications. She is Editor in Chief of Pen It! Magazine which has over 15 published books. She directs writers groups, conferences and loves teaching others about writing.

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