Devotional and Prayer Book Journal by Debi Stanton


Things I Have Learned in My Walk With God: Devotional and Prayer Journal by Debi Stanton

This book is full of personal things I have learned in my walk with God. As I move closer to Him, things become clearer.

There are many pages in this book. Each has a Lesson, Scripture references, and space for you to journal your thoughts and prayers. You do not have to follow this book in any particular order. In fact, skip around and journal where you feel led to.

Day 1 may be half-way through the book. Find what speaks to you. I encourage you to journal every day, even if you just write “Yes”. At the end of your journaling experience, go back and read your entries and see how much you have grown.

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Paperback: 196 Pages
August 22, 2018
Genre: Devotional

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About The Author: Author Debi Stanton lives in Scipio, Indiana with her husband, Ray and their four adorable canines: Toby, Scarlett, Dottie and Bella Graycee.

Debi has a son, Dustin and a daughter, Casey. Debi has several grandchildren, and four step-children and two step-grandchildren.

She has an Associates Degree in Business from IVY Tech State College; an Associates Degree in Science in Computer Information Systems from IVY Tech State College; Bachelors of Science in Business from Indiana Wesleyan University; Masters in Business Administration from Indiana Wesleyan University; and a Masters in Health Care Administration from the University of Phoenix.

Debi is the owner of Pen It! Publications. She is Editor in Chief of Pen It! Magazine which has over 15 published books. She directs writers groups, conferences and loves teaching others about writing.

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