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Harold Peabody and The Magic Glasses by Dawn Kopman Whidden

Harold dreams of being a hero like his father, a Navy SEAL, but-he is what you might call an easy target.

He’s short, he’s almost legally blind, and he’s the new kid in town!

When the biggest bully in school smashes Harold’s glasses and he has to get a new pair, something amazing happens.

Suddenly, Harold can see anyone’s greatest fear.

Do you know what this means? R-E-V-E-N-G-E.

And it has never tasted so sweet.

One by one, Harold is going to make bullies pay. But, in the end, what if Harold becomes the villain in the story . . . instead of the hero?

Genre: Children’s

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Paperback: 166 Pages

Publisher: lulu.com (September 17, 2018)

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About The Author: Dawn Kopman Whidden is a native New York author who grew up in the close-knit community of Little Neck Douglaston during
the baby boomer era. She graduated from Queensboro Community college.

Twenty years ago, she traded in her days of living in the bustling city for a more serene and
tranquil life on a small farm in the town of Bell, located in North Central Florida.

She is retired and shares her life and love with her husband of nineteen years and an adopted stray dog she named Casey. She has also been blessed with two beautiful grandchildren.


The world is full of crazy people. Once upon a time, stories like the ones that Grimm Brother’s wrote were just something that came from their imagination. Classic tales of stepmothers serving her new husband’s children for dinner… ( not for dinner, but THE DINNER) Crazy old ladies putting lost children in an oven..

Today the craziest and most inexcusable things happen to the most vulnerable, and it’s reality not fantasy. I hope that my story never finds it’s way into a local newspaper…but who knows. Anything can happen and it does.

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