Cattle Business: A Western Adventure by Dave McGowan

Cattle Business: A Western Adventure by Dave McGowan

A brand-new Western adventure from Dave McGowan!

The evening of the next day Constable Edward Theason dismounted in a clearing not far from the Yellowhead Trail. He made a circuit every month, but he only came this far north and west every three months. It made the circuit another two weeks longer, thereby cutting in to his regular time off, but he enjoyed the trip. There were never any problems to deal with and he got to enjoy several nice, quiet campsites with protection from the weather and plenty of good water. Except for mid-winter when he often found those same sites isolated, lonely and sometimes dangerous.

He worked his ankles and stretched his legs. He put his hands on his hips and bent his back forward then back as far as he could.

“No law breakers, no Corporals or Sergeants, what could be better?” he said.

Cold Coffee 5 Star Review: Settle in for a Western Adventure that is far different from the Cattle Business of the twenty-first century. Constable Edward Theason’s leisurely horseback frontier security check comes to an abrupt end. His tracking skills creates an uneasy feeling.

The thieves might have gone quietly off into the night, but if caught, the price would be much higher than thieves pay today. Cattleman Sullivan Wheeler said. “Well, I reckon you’ve had enough time, Mr. Policeman. I wait much longer I won’t have any cows left.”

He decided to spend the day ensuring that everything around the buildings was properly stored and the horses in the barn pasture would have water and feed while he was gone. The area they were in was large enough for perhaps three times their number, so feed should not be a problem. Water, however, could be. If there was a heavy rain the resultant run-off could block the small channel through that pasture with debris, so he went out and made sure it was completely clear.

Having assured himself the place would manage without his attention he then concentrated on putting together the supplies he would need. He suspected it would take him some time to find the thieves which would require him to have two, or better yet three weeks of food for both man and horse. The horses could make do with the fresh grass in the country, but they would lose a lot of weight if he rode long days without supplying them with oats. Once he unloaded the pack horse at the two shacks, he maintained out in the hills he could switch horses each day, but even that would wear them down given enough time.

The air is clean, the elements can be merciless, the terrain beautiful, but not without its inherit danger. The adventure that unfolds is one of necessity, not leisure. This story reminded me that the west and ranchers of all types, in the United States and Canada owe a debt of gratitude to those who came before them. Those of us who aren’t forced to protect our land and livestock from wild animals and human predators, should respect the way of life still eked out by our farmers and ranchers.

Very enjoyable read. I purchase this book from Kindle on February 10, 2019.



“Author Dave McGowan has been a cowboy, forest fire fighter, heavy equipment operator, farmhand, gardener, road musician and businessman.

He now writes, and works as a commercial driver, in Northern British Columbia.”

The forgoing is the bio from the back of my three novels and one might conclude from this information that I was a poor employee … either lazy or didn’t know what I was doing … and was kicked off a lot of jobs.

You would be partially correct, at least in surmising that I don’t know what I am doing. As for my being a poor employee, you would have to ask my bosses … although I think I’ve managed to trick the one I have now.

Of course, when I had my own business my boss thought I was marvelous.

Truthfully, I’ve managed over the years to find employment regardless of my location or the problems that might exist with the economy. I enjoyed much of that experience at the time and am glad that I attained it.

I’ve also visited a good portion of North America and lived in several areas of Canada where I met some great people and enjoyed some wonderful country.

Speaking of great people, Karen and I are parents to four great people who have supplied eight grandchildren who show that improvements can be possible in each generation.

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