Stand Alone Mystery by Cindy Davis

Voice From The Ashes by Cindy Davis

In 1979, Ian Merryweather’s biggest dream is to be sheriff of a small town, but a disabling wound in Vietnam sidelines him.

While he’s on the mend, his best friend Chief Clement Baker is murdered, and Ian inherits the job. His first inclination is to refuse the position. He feels guilty getting the cherished position this way. But who else will dedicate himself to finding the killer? Especially when the State Police have taken the chief’s son Barney into custody, and there’s a killer on the loose.

And what about the lovely Lucy? Ian’s had a crush on her for years. But she’s about to marry Eric Bremer. She deserves so much more than the sly womanizer.

When Mt. St. Helens roars to life, Ian’s happiness and the murder investigation are put on hold while he’s forced to use every instinct and talent to save his townspeople from the deluge of searing ash and lava.

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Genre: Mystery

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About Author Cindy Davis: Multi-Genre Published Author Residing In Florida

Cindy Davis is the author of 22 mysteries and romantic suspense novels, and several non-fiction books.

She’s a 20-year veteran free-lance editor, and a recent transplant to the land of sunshine where she can be outdoors twelve months of the year rather than the four or five in New England.

Cindy and her new husband Rick do a lot of hiking and swimming. They like to travel–next on the bucket list is Italy. The last trip to Rome produced a novel Lethal Dose of Revenge (being marketed now) which made it TAX DEDUCTIBLE!

Personally, she’s addicted to coffee–particularly chocolate raspberry flavor. And don’t anyone dare get between her and her life-loves: Ben & Jerry. Other than that, she’s pretty laid back.

She is an award-winning freelance editor who’s worked in both fiction and nonfiction with over a thousand authors.

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