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Rating: 5 out of 5

Customer Review: Anyone who needs an editor, I recommend Anastasia Marie Cassella. She has helped me with editing my book. She is both respectful and fast. 5 Stars From Author Finn Grey (11-15-2022).

About Chauncey’s Premier Editing: Anastasia Cassella, editor, and multi-genre author, has been editing professionally for over 35 years including mentoring editors.

Editing includes, but is not limited to: grammar, punctuation, spacing, timeline inconsistencies, capitalization, indenting, small formatting issues, etc.

Cost: Editing is $1.00 a page. A flat rate for smaller projects under 50 pages is offered on a case-by-case basis.

Experience Includes: fiction, non-fiction, poetry, short stories, sci-fi, romance, reports, thesis papers, resumes, advertising, websites, legal briefs, plays, and much, much more. Get over 35+ years of experience in one place.

The Importance of Redline: Redline editing shows you the editor’s finds, corrections, and suggestions. Redline editing is easy to follow and see the editor’s work. Upon your final comments, all changes will be made and you will be sent the final product without redlines.

No Refunds: Editing is labor intensive. I take the time necessary to complete each project to the customer’s satisfaction. No refunds.

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About Author Anastasia Cassella: Anastasia is a proud Maine Author. She has published ten, multi-genre works. She has been writing since she was sixteen, following in her dad’s footsteps. Writing dramas, using life experiences, comes easy.




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