Helen Salyer Perkins’ Books

Recipes From Momma’s Kitchen by Helen Salyer Perkins (Helen Perkins Johansen) Helen Salyer Perkins loves to cook for her family.  In this book, she shares recipes from her collection, recipes given to her by friends, and those she has picked up over the years. Enjoy these wonderful recipes. Review by… Continue reading

Linda D. Wattley’s Books

Contributors: William Sumner (Author), Anastasia Young (Editor), Cyrus Webb (Foreword), Martha Cleves (Preface) When you experience traumatic experiences that alters your emotional and psychological foundation, you begin to experience a very personal and fragile meltdown. While all of this is happening, your body diligently works to save your life. You… Continue reading

William P. Robertson’s Books

Fear Is Forever by William P. Robertson FEAR IS FOREVER collects four decades of William P. Robertson’s best horror stories, many of which appeared in magazines worldwide. The author specializes in understated Gothic terror in the tradition of Edgar Allan Poe and H.P. Lovecraft. The Gothic rock of the Doors… Continue reading

Russell F. Moran’s Books

Time Travel-Science Fiction Thriller Series: (The Harry and Meg Series) A Sea Of Fear: A Novel of Time Travel (Book Three of the Harry and Meg Series) by Russell Moran You’re Five-Star Admiral Harry Fenton, who President Blake calls the greatest fighting admiral in American history. Along with your Navy… Continue reading