Alfred C. Bogeyman (Paranormal-Urban Fantasy) by Molly Allman Smith

Alfred C. Bogeyman by M Allman Three friends, Adrian, Sean and Ralph, set out to find the boogieman and make him stop scaring Adrian’s younger brother. With the help of Ralph’s Dog, Socks, the boys track and battle the boogieman living behind the park. Product Details:Print Length: 24 PagesNovember 18,… Continue reading

Flashes Of Fiction Anthologies by Molly Allman Smith

Flashes of Fiction: Volume 1 by M Allman Five short stories for quick, fun reads. Each volume contains stories in various genres, so there is something for every reader. Volume 1: Metro Dome-(sci-fi) In the future, families live domes to protect themselves for the scorching sun, but one man longs… Continue reading