Tezcatlipoca: The Smoking Mirror (Techno-Thriller) by Joyce Keller Walsh

Tezcatlipoca: The Smoking Mirror (Feathered Serpents Volume 2) by Joyce Keller Walsh Police Chief Sebastian Calderón has left Cape Cod for Mexico to track the fugitive bioengineers of an illegal Quetzalcoatl. His only source of information is the mysterious Tezca, a woman he doesn’t trust. During his investigation, he is… Continue reading

Feathered Serpents (Techno-Thriller) by Joyce Keller Walsh

Feathered Serpents (Volume 1) by Joyce Keller Walsh When detective Sebastian Calderón moves from Arizona to Cape Cod to become Chief of Police, he is bored and unchallenged. But his routine is soon shaken when an opera diva’s “pet” anaconda attacks her and he encounters multiple murders in a realm… Continue reading