A Retrospect In Death (Literary Fiction) by J. Conrad Guest

A Retrospect In Death, a mainstream novel with elements of the supernatural, the afterlife, life, living, and romance, is a story about discovery. You think you know yourself? Perhaps you only think you do. Maybe those with whom you’ve shared a room, whether briefly or long term, know you better.… Continue reading

January’s Thaw: January Trilogy Book Three (Science Fiction, Alternate Reality Romance) by J. Conrad Guest

Many people obsess over their past, but no one more than I. Perchance it’s because, as a man out of time, I left behind so much of it unlived. If that makes little sense, consider that I’m a time traveler. Although the backdrop for my story is time travel and… Continue reading

One Hot January: January Trilogy Book Two (Science Fiction, Alternate Reality Romance) by J. Conrad Guest

Imagine an alternate history in which the United States fails to enter World War II in time to help the Allies defeat the Tripartite before Germany becomes too strong to defeat. A future in which Germany perfects genetic engineering and is eradicating whole nations in an effort to secure the… Continue reading

January’s Paradigm: January Trilogy Book One (Paranormal Romance Fantasy) by J. Conrad Guest

In this fantasy romance, Robert Porter is enjoying the fruits of success: a best-selling novel featuring a hard-nosed detective circa 1947 named Joe January and a lucrative contract for the sequel. But his world comes crashing down around him when he witnesses his wife’s infidelity. As Porter sinks into a… Continue reading

Chaotic Theory (Science Fiction Adventure) by J. Conrad Guest

What power, to hold in one’s own hands the ability to affect the present by altering the past… In the twenty-second century the world population has dwindled to fewer than a billion, with total extinction expected within a decade. An erotic science fiction tale of love and love lost, Chaotic… Continue reading

Backstop: A Baseball Love Story In Nine Innings (Contemporary Sports Romance by J. Conrad Guest

Backstop plays the catcher’s position for any team in any city in America with a major league ball club. You cheer him when he delivers, and boo him when he doesn’t. Told in his own words during the seventh game of the World Series in what could be his last… Continue reading