Incremental: (Sci-Fi and Bizarre Fiction) by Geoff Nelder

Incremental: 25 Tales Of Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Speculative, and Bizarre Fiction by Geoff Nelder These twenty-five tales from Geoff Nelder have increment as a theme. INCREMENT: Noun – an increase or addition, especially one of a series on a fixed scale. Synonyms: increase, addition, gain, augmentation, step up, supplement, addendum, adjunct,… Continue reading

Xaghra’s Revenge (Magical Realism Fiction) by Geoff Nelder

Xaghra’s Revenge by Geoff Nelder When Reece and Zita become lovers, past and present collide as the spirits of their ancestors force them to relive one of the greatest battles of the 16th century. Xaghra’s Revenge follows the fate of a sixteenth century abducted family, and of two contemporary lovers… Continue reading

ARIA Trilogy (Alien Invasion Science Fiction, First Contact) by Geoff Nelder

ARIA: Left Luggage (ARIA Trilogy Book 1) by Geoff Nelder Winner – 2012 P&E Best Science Fiction and Fantasy Novel This is where The Andromeda Strain meets Memento… When an alien suitcase is found in space, a pandemic virus plagues Earth. Ryder Nape must gather survivors to escape an apocalyptic… Continue reading

Dimensions (Science Fiction) by Geoff Nelder and Robert Blevins

Dimensions by Geoff Nelder and Robert Blevins Twenty-three illustrated tales of science fiction by authors Geoff Nelder of Great Britain and Robert Blevins of the United States. Stories include ‘Last Train Home,’ ‘Hole Card,’ ‘Prime Meridian,”The Earth and the Lion,’ and others. Blevins and Nelder are the founders of Adventure… Continue reading

Escaping Reality (Crime Fiction) by Geoff Nelder

Escaping Reality by Geoff Nelder Escaping Reality is a humorous thriller set in Northern Britain and Amsterdam. The story opens with musician Gerry Ricketts having his face pushed into a water-filled gutter by a large policewoman. He is under arrest. After a quick trial, Ricketts is sentenced to ten years… Continue reading

Exit: Pursued By A Bee (Science Fiction) by Geoff Nelder

Exit: Pursued By A Bee by Geoff Nelder Exit, Pursued by a Bee is driven by a Southern-belle heroine-astronaut, involves a paleolithic mongrel called Kur, Glastonbury Festival chaos, steamy sex in space, a mean-momma loose-cannon journalist and an out-of-control general who’d fix anything by nuking it? Product Details:Print Length: 260… Continue reading