Dagger’s Destiny by Linnea Tanner

Dagger’s Destiny by Linnea Tanner. Curse of Clansmen and Kings Book 2. A Celtic warrior princess accused of treason for aiding her enemy lover must win back her father’s love and trust. In the rich and vibrant tale, Author Linnea Tanner continues the story of Catrin and Marcellus that began… Continue reading

Mr. Wysquers by Larry Auerbach

Mr. Wysquers by Larry Auerbach. Pemberton N. Wysquers is a very dignified old English gentleman who own a very old package delivery business that operates on a worldwide scale. Once a year, usually at year end, he leaves the confines of his work environment to travel around in order to… Continue reading

Warlord of the Forgotten Age by Charles E. Yallowitz

Warlord of the Forgotten Age by Charles E. Yallowitz. Book 15 of 15: Legends of Windemere. Whether in darkness or light, every path inevitably comes to an end. As Gabriel, the Destiny God, determined centuries ago, his chosen will face Baron Kernaghan for the fate of Windemere. Through many victories… Continue reading

Deadly Circles by C. G. Haberman

Deadly Circles by C. G. Haberman. A CJ Hand Novel (Volume 1). The pall of death hangs over two distinctly different valleys separated by eighteen-hundred miles. One a modest, unknown channel drained by a small cool-water stream and the other a magnificent gorge carved by a roaring river that separates… Continue reading

Sacrifice by Kathleen Heady

Sacrifice by Kathleen Heady. In this fourth book in Kathleen Heady’s series featuring Nara Blake, the story takes us to a small Spanish town in the Pyrenees, where Nara and her now-husband Alex Collier travel to retrieve several notebooks that belonged to a British artist who died there during the… Continue reading

The Hidden Stairway by Shirley McLain

The Hidden Stairway by Shirley McLain. This novelette is a story based in modern times of an extremely rich family of Scottish Ancestry. This family in Ohio has more money than King Midas. They have lived in Ohio since before the French and Indian War of 1755. Tony is trying… Continue reading

So Ya’ Wanna’ Be A Teacher! by Jay Dubya

‘So Ya’ Wanna’ Be A Teacher!’ by Jay Dubya. Is Now Available In This New Revised Edition. So Ya’ Wanna’ Be A Teacher tells the whole amazing true story of what really goes on in the typical American public school. The author was an English teacher for thirty-four years in… Continue reading

Path of the Traitors by Charles E. Yallowitz

Path of the Traitors by Charles E. Yallowitz. Book 14 of 15: Legends of Windemere. Hated and distrusted, Queen Trinity must leave the shadows and reach for redemption. With their final battle on the horizon, the champions are faced with a long-lost piece of the prophecy. Unable to search for… Continue reading

ARIA: Left Luggage by Geoff Nelder

ARIA: Left Luggage by Geoff Nelder. ARIA Trilogy Book 1. Winner -2012 P&E Best Science Fiction and Fantasy Novel This is where The Andromeda Strain meets Memento… When an alien suitcase is found in space, a pandemic virus plagues Earth. Ryder Nape must gather survivors to escape an apocalyptic extinction… Continue reading

The Liberty Bodice by Joy M. Lilley

The Liberty Bodice by Joy M. Lilley. Gloria Harris is born in Market Harborough in the United Kingdom, in 1922. She spends the first few years of life living with her parents and grandfather. Her siblings, an older sister and twin brothers, also share the household. The relationship between Gloria… Continue reading

The Lost Years Of Billy Battles by Ronald E. Yates

The Lost Years Of Billy Battles by Ronald E. Yates. Finding Billy Battles Trilogy Book 3. Where in the world is Billy Battles? As Book Three of the Finding Billy Battles trilogy begins, we know where Billy is. He is in Chicago with his wife, the former Baroness Katharina von… Continue reading

THE STASH by Sandra Sperling

THE STASH by Sandra Sperling. People have fantasies about finding buried treasure, but for Sarah Altman it becomes a reality when she convinces herself that it isn’t really a crime to appropriate a large stash of money hidden by a meth dealer after he has a car accident. Every dollar… Continue reading

Bounty Hunter Nate Landry: Family Fury by Mark L. Redmond

Bounty Hunter Nate Landry: Family Fury (Book Two) by Mark L. Redmond. In the second book of the series, Nate Landry and his pardner Wolf plan to track down and capture Luke Womack. The job should be a relatively easy one. However, when Luke’s four outlaw brothers find out that… Continue reading

Elisabet’s Will by Sandra Sperling

Elisabet’s Will by Sandra Sperling. The few relatives who are still friendly to Lisbet spend the summer at her northern Minnesota home. Determined to discover the reason why the rest of the family has shunned her since she was a child, she confronts Evelyn, her estranged uncle’s wife. This action… Continue reading

South City Mosaic: Life On Alaska by Glenn Sartori

South City Mosaic: Life On Alaska by Glenn Sartori. South City Mosaic Series Book One. I grew up in the South City on a street called Alaska. The mosaic of my early years is like a collection of tiles in a multicolored mural. The tiles were pieced together by many… Continue reading