The 100th Meridian Murders (Crime Fiction) by C. G. Haberman

CJ Hand Novel: Volume Five by C. G. Haberman After proving his reputation as the top sharpshooter in the world, Ivan Talcott settles in China. Here, he plans to achieve his goal of becoming a multimillionaire by the age of forty. Suddenly, and without warning, he’s told to leave China,… Continue reading

Mill Creek Malice (Crime Fiction) by C. G. Haberman

CJ Hand Novel: Volume 2 by C. G. Haberman The animal stench triggers Dawn’s gag reflex. The constant grinding of stone on stone irritably attacks her frayed nerves, and abruptly stops. Odd scratching sounds echo in her half-conscious state. She pulls herself into a sitting position and stares at a… Continue reading

Deadly Circles (Crime Fiction) by C. G. Haberman

CJ Hand Novel: Volume 1 by C. G. Haberman The pall of death hangs over two distinctly different valleys separated by eighteen-hundred miles. One a modest, unknown channel drained by a small cool-water stream and the other a magnificent gorge carved by a roaring river that separates two states. Unknown… Continue reading

The Naturalists Volume One (Historical Fiction) C. G. Haberman

A Historic Novel (The Hayman Saga) Where is Nebraska? The measure lies in locating Chicago and Denver, then calculating the midpoint between the two. There exists land called the Rainwater Basin. To find the remains of the best basins requires a calling, the calling to understand the startling dependency of… Continue reading