The Ghosts Revisited Series by William P. Robertson

The Ghosts Revisited Series. Ghosts Revisited 1 (The Ghosts Revisited Series) by William P. Robertson. The Ghosts Revisited Series Book 1. “Ghosts Revisited” exhumes 32 chilling tales from the crypts of Pennsylvania and Western New York. Who knew that Erie Cemetery housed a vampire, or that High Hat, the Seneca… Continue reading

Lucifer House by Cherie’ Waggie

Lucifer House by Cherie’ Waggie. After the death of her father, magazine editor, Olivia Gray has to get away for the holidays. The isolated coastal town of Pirates’ Point, Maine seems to be the perfect place. Her first night at her friend’s beach house, she discovers Pirates’ Point has a… Continue reading

Jewels In Time by Kathleen Heady

Jewels In Time by Kathleen Heady. Young Brianna’s life changed the day her mother left to save herself from being burned as a witch. Brianna was left alone in the middle ages knowing just enough magic to have her called a witch, but not enough to try to save herself…. Continue reading

The Peacemaker Series by Nick Iuppa and John Pesqueira

Alien Mission by Nick Iuppa, John Pesqueira. The Peacemaker Book 1. CTHULHU MEETS THE DA VINCI CODE When young teen, Victor Encinas desecrates a religious shrine in order to join his brother’s gang, he finds himself drawn into a world of alien spaceships, insectile high priests, and an interplanetary religion… Continue reading

Shirley’s Book of Horror by Shirley McLain

Shirley’s Book of Horror by Shirley McLain. This is five psychological horror short stories just in time for Halloween. They are Webs, Holesome House, Cats (True story), The Fog, Eck, Bill and Lack-Lack. Product Details:Print Length: ‎40 PagesPublisher: ‎Shirley’s Books; 1st Edition (October 15, 2014)Language: ‎EnglishHorror (Psychological Horror Short Stories)Short… Continue reading

Meet Me In Maine by Susanne Leist

Meet Me In Maine by Susanne Leist. Book One Of The Blue Harbor Paranormal Mystery Series. Elizabeth Reading and Scarlett Harding travel from New York City to Blue Harbor, Maine, hoping to purchase a bed-and-breakfast in a peaceful town, but what they discover is much more sinister. After settling into… Continue reading

My Name Is Samantha by David W. Thompson

My Name Is Samantha by David W. Thompson. Top 10 Horror Short Story Award from the annual P&E Reader’s Poll! Her relationship on the rocks, traditional potter Samantha sets out on a camping and caving adventure to rediscover herself. A handsome stranger shares his campfire, and aids her on her… Continue reading

Gehenna Dark Fantasy Series by Kaylin McFarren

Black Wing Sky by Kaylin McFarren. Epic Fourth Installment In The Gehenna Series! When Lucifer’s soldiers captured his brother, the Seven-Star General of the Archangel Army of Heaven, Samara Daemonium thought it was the turning point in the war. Victory for Hell was on the horizon, as was a peaceful… Continue reading