Nick Iuppa’s Books

Species II by Nick Iuppa. Has The Age Of Humanity Ended? When children with extraordinary new mental and physical abilities suddenly begin appearing all over the world, a young university researcher must fight to protect them from hate groups who see them as a threat to human existence and want… Continue reading

Nick Korolev’s Books

Flashback: Life After Murder by Nick Korolev. Murderers Did Not Anticipate Revenge By A Reincarnated Victim. Equine veterinary technician Walter Watson was working in a prestigious practice in Colts Neck, New Jersey when he makes a terrible discovery. His boss, famed equine surgeon Dr. John Hansen, is involved with a… Continue reading

Nikki Broadwell’s Books

The Library of Time by Nikki Broadwell. 2323 holds many secrets…. Hidden behind the bookshelf in the library is a maze of stacks that change positions when the mood strikes them. Preserving the past and finding lost things is what Sam and his two employees, Annie and Cecily do every… Continue reading