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Make Believe Is Fun by Janice Spina

Bedtime Stories for Children (Age 5-8) Book 2.

This is book 2 of the Bedtime Stories for Children Series. There are six tales with an illustration for each. Children will read about two squirrels, a turkey, a frog, a tree, a leopard and mouse, and a cat. These animal tales will delight children and become their favorite bedtime stories.

Each story carries life lessons that will help children understand about the importance of friendship, helping others in need, family, and it’s okay to be different.

5 Stars: Dedicated To All Children Who Love To Make Believe.

Make Believe Is Fun (Book 2), continues from Make Believe: Bedtime Stories (Book 1);with beautiful cover art, and adorable story illustrations, produced by Janice Spina’s husband John.

Ollie and Nolan: One day Ollie and Nolan, two little squirrels who are brothers, went out into the forest to forage for something tasty to eat. Ollie was the older brother. He liked to tease his younger brother about everything they did together. Ollie loved finding acorns and always wanted to find more than Nolan. Find out more about these brothers.

The Turkey Who Could Growl: Terrence is a turkey who is different than other turkeys. His plumes are in shades of blue instead of all brown and black. He has dark gray eyes and a long tail that skims the ground as he walks that he can fan out in a wide half circle around his body. Find out how Terrence relates to a bear.

Freddie the Frog: Freddie the frog lived in a ten-gallon fish tank. The only other occupants were four striped tetras. They got along just fine until one day…. This true story is based on real frog living with Janice and John.

The Little Tree: There once was a little tree in the forest of many trees. This little tree was tired of trying to stretch itself up to reach the warmth of the sun. There were so many other trees that were taller, bigger, and full of branches that snuffed out the sun as it shone down on the forest. If the little tree didn’t get enough sun he could wither and die. Read how Embry comes to the rescue.

Leo the Leopard and the Mouse: Leo was a leopard cub. He was only a couple of weeks old when his mother woke him up from his daily nap.“It’s time for you to learn how to take care of yourself in the wild, Leo. There is much you need to know about living in the jungle. This story is dedicated to Janice and John’s great nephew, Leo, who loves leopards.

Tyler the Cat and the Wind Chimes: Tyler the cat walked along the wall at the back of his house one day. He always wanted to visit some of the other houses along the beach road. He had heard some sounds that he did not recognize and decided it was time to check them out. Find out what special friendship was made, when Tyler went to check out the new sound.

Award winning author, Janice Spina, writes make-believe stories that children can relate to about animals and other creatures. She hopes adults will enjoy reading these bedtime stories to the children in their lives. I highly recommend her books. Her books should be placed in school and community libraries. As adults it is our job to make it possible for all children to read books and encourage reading time. Janice Spina’s books make great year-round gifts for children of all ages.

Editorial Review by Book Marketing Global Network.

Message From The Author: This is book 2 in a 4-book series for children ages 5-8. It’s perfect for early readers and read alongs with parents/guardians at bedtime or any time.

Each story is a stand-alone tale that will delight children with the lovely illustration for each created by my husband, John. As in all my children’s books there are important life lessons that children will learn about family, friendship, being kind to others in need, that it’s okay to be different and that we are all special in our own unique way.

I hope these stories will become your children’s/grandchildren’s favorite bedtime stories each night. Happy Reading! Watch for more books in this series.

Product Details:
Book 2 of 2: Bedtime Stories for Children
Paperback: ‎98 Pages
Publisher: ‎Janice Spina (January 10, 2023)
Language: ‎English
Children: Short Story Collection
Reading Age: 5-8 Years
Children: Bedtime Stories

Amazon Print:


Author Janice (J. E.) Spina

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