Book Marketing Network Policies and Legal Notice

Our Mission: Book Marketing Global Network strives to bring authors and readers together through our 9 avid reader websites. We work to bring authors the online visibility they deserve.

We Do The Work: We create an author’s page on each of our websites. This service is provided for authors who submit at least one book. Other books can be added as desired.

Author Page Formatting: We use a page format that is a special uniform format for all the Author Pages and Book Pages. This format is search engine and reader friendly.

Prices: Our single book listing price for 2019 is $30.00 and our aggressive promotional campaign (optional) is $150.00.

Prices are set for single book. Author’s with trilogies and series will have to contact us for special pricing for the whole set of books.

Prices are subject to change annually. You can request a special package price for trilogies and book series (if you want them all put on your author’s page, at the same time).

No Refunds: All the work that we do for our authors is labor intensive, so there are no refunds.

No Annual Renewal: Unlike other promotional sites, we do not charge our authors an annual renewal.

Keep Your Author and Book Pages Active: We request that all authors contact us by email at least once a year to keep author and book pages up-to-date. Non-communication can result in the loss of pages.

Visibility: Within our Book Marketing Global Network Website, we offer visibility through our Author Directory, Book Store, Individual Author Pages, Newsletter Link Submission, Book Video Submission and Article Submission. Duplicate author pages are listed on our 8 other avid reader websites (listed below).

Hobby/Business Listing: As of March 2019, we are offering businesses the opportunity to purchase ($50.00 annual fee) a full-page advertisement for their product(s). Authors who join Book Marketing Global Network can have this service for free.

Service Providers: We welcome services providers. Please contact us for low cost service listing. Service page annual cost is $30.00.

Homepage Policy: The Homepages on all 9 of our websites are fluid. We add and remove book group photos with links as needed. We do not promise endless promotion on our homepages. We work to rotate information in order to increase search engine activity.

Page Updates: Authors are encouraged to tell us when anything on their author’s page (book cover, descriptions, links, videos, etc.) need updating. Failure to communicate with us by email each calendar year can result in author page deletion on all of our website. The author pages and book group photos in our Book Store is permanent, as long as the author remains in touch with us (at least one time a year). There is a service fee of $50.00 for major updates.

Visitors/Readers: Authors can follow the visitor count on the bottom of their author’s page.

Endorsements: We don’t have the time to read every author’s book(s). We wish we could. We always list a link to customer reviews (if one is available) with each book we list on this site.

Cold Coffee/BMGN Book Reviews: This special service is offered by the owner of Book Marketing Global Network. Please read this page before asking for a book review.

Promotional Reports: These reports are sent by email to our authors when promotional services are provided. Promotion within our social networking avenues (such as Facebook and Twitter) are provided on a rotation schedule.

Traffic: Traffic on our sites (especially Book Marketing Global Network) can be intense at times, so keep trying if you run into an overload. Please don’t hold your page open for hours as this adds to the clog on our server. We advertise our sites and update them regularly. In doing so, we strive to keep all our sites and our author pages and book listings high in the search results.

Partnerships: We partner with publishers to promote their authors. Email us for more information.

Third Party: Everything on our author pages have been harvested or given to us by the author. Our website pages are open to the global community, so we hold no responsibility if a third party uses the information provided. Author/book information is in the public domain.

Our Primary Website (we have 10) Is Book Marketing Global Network:

Our Email:

List Of Our Online Global Promotional Websites

Book Marketing Global Network (Start Date 2018)

Avid Reader Global Network (Start Date June 15, 2019)

Books In Sync

Cold Coffee Press

Screenplay Worthy

Authors Global Network

Cold Coffee Press Magazine


Author Meeting Place

eReader Paradise

2019 Legal Notice For Book Marketing Global Network and Our Other Online Properties

Owner’s Book Page

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