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MORE WAR by William P. Robertson.

“More War” by William P. Robertson contains nine intense battle stories from the American Revolution and the War of 1812. His accounts are told from the point of view of the heroes and villains who participated in these conflicts. First, there’s the infamous Queen Esther who bashed in the brains of fourteen Yankee captives during the Wyoming Valley Massacre. The suffering of George Washington’s Patriots is also described. Shoeless, they left bloody footprints in the snow while fighting the frigid Battle of Trenton. Heroes from the 1812 War include Oliver Hazard Perry. He boarded a rowboat and switched vessels after his flagship got blasted in the Battle of Lake Erie. And, of course, there’s Andrew Jackson, “Old Hickory,” who proved his toughness at New Orleans by beating the British and dysentery, too. Chief Tecumseh was a hero of another kind. He died in battle rather than see his tribal lands be stolen by the Yankee invaders.

William P. Robertson was born in 1950 in Bradford, Pennsylvania. While attending Lincoln Elementary School, he devoured any book he could find about colonial America. He especially loved reading the biographies of Daniel Boone, Dan Morgan, and George Washington. Later he became fascinated with historical fiction and read many books by Kenneth Roberts, including NORTHWEST PASSAGE. The author’s love of the 1700s led him to write three Alleghenies novels about French and Indian War battles that occurred in Northwestern Pennsylvania. All told, Robertson has penned over fifty books that he hopes will preserve his region’s heritage.

Product Details:
Paperback: ‎120 Pages
Publisher: ‎BookBaby (May 29, 2022)
Language: ‎English
Global Library: War: (American Revolution)
Global Library: War: (War of 1812)
Global Library: War Based On Truth

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GHOSTS REVISITED by William P. Robertson

“Ghosts Revisited” exhumes 32 chilling tales from the crypts of Pennsylvania and Western New York. Who knew that Erie Cemetery housed a vampire, or that High Hat, the Seneca Bogeyman, roams Allegany State Park to quench his cannibalistic urges? Hell hounds frequent Goodleburg Graveyard while Hotel Conneaut is home to the specter bride Elizabeth who burned to death on her honeymoon. Scarier yet, is the serial killer whose ghost resides at the Bergen House near Rochester, New York. That was where he slaughtered children and fed them to the pigs. Historic sites such as the Devil’s Den at Gettysburg, the Dunkirk Lighthouse, and Eastern State Penitentiary have their share of phantoms, as well. Add in a haunted hospital, a derelict poorhouse, and a rat-infested factory, and this book becomes truly spooktacular!

“Twice as many scares (not scare) are waiting in the pages inside.”

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Paperback: ‎72 Pages
Publisher: ‎BookBaby (October 23, 2020)
Language: ‎English
Global Library: Horror
Global Library: Horror (Gothic Terror)
Global Library: Ghosts and Hauntings

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GHOSTS REVISITED 2 by William P. Robertson

In “Ghosts Revisited 2” William P. Robertson explores 28 more spooky sites in New York State and Pennsylvania. The book begins by investigating St. Bonaventure University where a Black Mass went bad. Equally eerie, a headless horseman reputedly gallops from the mist of Hollenbeck Cemetery while children’s ghosts romp through Hencoop Graveyard. The Eagle Hotel in Waterford, PA is home to the vexed maid, Matilda, who in a fit of rage, set fire to the historic structure. Then, there’s Cowles Hall at Elmira College that’s said to have a good side and a very evil one. Skiers dressed in ’70s garb still frequent the now defunct Wing Hollow Resort that’s also haunted by the spirits of two workers brutally murdered there during a midnight robbery. Ghostly activity at the Lucille Ball Little Theatre is no laughing matter, either. Yes, the “2” in the title “Ghosts Revisited” isn’t there by accident. Twice as many scare are waiting in the pages inside!

Product Details:
Paperback: ‎94 Pages
Publisher: ‎BookBaby (June 11, 2021)
Language: ‎English
Global Library: Horror
Global Library: Horror (Gothic Terror)
Global Library: Ghosts and Hauntings

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Come In by William P. Robertson

COME IN collects twenty spine-tingling tales by master of the macabre–William P. Robertson.

The stories span four decades of the author’s work and include ghostly encounters galore. Phantom soldiers, a poltergeist, and a hung murderer are showcased in several harrowing narratives. Dead friends and ghouls star in others.

Gothic terror is most prevalent, but some episodes are straight from The Twilight Zone.

Traumatic incidents from Robertson’s own experience fuel many of these twitchy yarns while two Civil War stories show how creepy history can be.

Teens and the elderly receive the most scares as the layers of fear are peeled back.

Product Details:
Paperback: ‎196 Pages
Publisher: ‎BookBaby (January 9, 2020)
Language: ‎English
Global Library: Horror
Global Library: Horror (Gothic Terror)
Global Library: Ghosts and Hauntings

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Fear Is Forever by William P. Robertson

FEAR IS FOREVER collects four decades of William P. Robertson’s best horror stories, many of which appeared in magazines worldwide.

The author specializes in understated Gothic terror in the tradition of Edgar Allan Poe and H.P. Lovecraft. The Gothic rock of the Doors also fuels his imagination along with folktales told to him by his Swedish grandmother.

Ghost stories filled with sensory details are another of his strengths. Robertson delves into dark humor, too, and lends a fresh perspective to Bigfoot, the werewolf, and the troll. Bill’s best work chills rather than sickens.

Sometimes what is left unsaid is the most terrifying of all. . .

Product Details:
Paperback: ‎162 Pages
Publisher: ‎BookBaby (October 17, 2018)
Language: ‎English
Global Library: Horror
Global Library: Horror (Gothic Terror)
Global Library: Ghosts and Hauntings

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About The Author: William P. Robertson graduated from Mansfield University in 1972 with a BS in English. Since college, he has worked in factories, taught high school English, and run a successful house painting business.

He began freelancing short stories, poetry, and articles in 1978, and his work has now appeared in over 500 magazines in the U.S., Canada, England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales, Romania, Australia, New Zealand, and Malaysia. He has also published eleven poetry collections, two audio books of horror verse, four volumes of short stories, and eleven historical fiction novels. In his spare time Bill enjoys photography, trout fishing, deer hunting, and Civil War reenacting. He belongs to the Company I Bucktail unit of McKean County in Pennsylvania.

For more information about Bill’s writing, visit his website at http://bucktailsandbroomsticks.com

Other Available Books:

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  • Annihilated in The Alleghenies
  • Attack in The Alleghenies
  • Dark Haunted Day
  • Fear is Forever
  • Fun in the Olden Days
  • Ghosts of a Broken Heart
  • Ghosts Revisited
  • Ghosts Revisited 2
  • Hayfoot, Strawfoot: The Bucktail Recruits
  • Hearse Verse
  • Lost
  • Love That Burns: Bittersweet Stories of Romance
  • Lurking in Pennsylvania
  • The Dead of Winter
  • Misdeeds and Misadventures
  • More Stories from The Olden Days
  • Season of Doom
  • Stories from The Olden Days
  • Terror Time 2nd Edition
  • The 190th Bucktails: Catchin’ Bobby Lee
  • The Bucktails’ Antietam Trials
  • The Battling Bucktails At Fredericksburg
  • The Bucktails At the Devil’s Den
  • The Bucktail Brothers: Brave Men’s Blood
  • The Bucktail Brothers of The Fighting 149th
  • The Bucktails’ Last Call
  • The Bucktails: Perils on The Peninsula
  • The Bucktails’ Shenandoah March
  • The Dead of Winter
  • This Enchanted Land: The Saga of Dane Wulfdin
  • War in The Colonies

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