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Chasing Time by Thomas Reilly.

A time-bending adventure like no other.

A Literary Titan Gold Award winner.

“A brilliant debut novel from start to finish, you won’t be able to put it down.” — N.N light’s review

“It had me sitting on the edge of my seat until the conclusion.” — Reader’s Favorite

“An earnest and moving novel, Chasing Time is an emotive mixture of contemporary fiction and fantasy, for a story that reads like a potential film.” — Self-Publishing Review

Chasing Time takes the reader on a thrilling adventure as history professor Tony Lucas seeks an ancient time-bending key that may hold the secrets to a miracle cure for his beloved wife, trapped in the throes of the debilitating and deadly ALS. Racing against time as the disease extracts its unforgiving toll, Tony embarks on an amazing quest involving a series of unexpected plot twists, cryptic clues, and memorable characters.

Driven by a strong male lead, this heartwarming book combines realistic medical elements with a hint of fantasy to create a gripping, suspenseful narrative. Reilly spins a compelling tale of a devoted husband’s resilience and perseverance as he pursues a life-saving mission that extends from ancient Rome to modern-day America to the lush olive groves of Andalusia. The story takes the classic medical drama, historical fiction, and fantasy genres and turns them all completely on their heads. With its precise and witty style, Chasing Time is an engaging, must-read story like nothing like you have read before.

Review by Self-Publishing Review, ★★★★½: “An earnest and moving novel about one man’s mission to save his spouse before time runs out, Chasing Time by Thomas Reilly is an emotive mixture of contemporary fiction and fantasy, for a story that reads like a potential film. Anthony “Tony” Lucas has always been talented with predictions, but he could never anticipate how a lost key from his youth that forecasts the future would impact his wife’s eventual ALS diagnosis. Thomas Reilly’s dialogue and storylines are sometimes implausible, but it’s easy to suspend disbelief in this touching story, and the novel’s emotional resonance is engrossing and impressive.”

Review by THEPRARIEBOOKREVIEW: An engrossing adventure that keeps the surprises coming…

Reilly combines SF and fantasy to create an immersive time travel tale in his latest. Devastated by his wife’s terminal illness, retired teacher Tony Lucas sets on to locate a long-lost magical key from his youth, that has the power to predict the future, hoping to use it to unravel the mysteries of the future. But the path to find the key is filled with dangers. Reilly does excellent with the time-travel premise, but where his narrative really shines is in his realistically sketched characters and tight plotting. The subplots, including the ancient artifact with mystical powers and the protagonist’s psychic abilities are woven nicely into the engrossing narrative. Between careful attention to Lucius Fabius Antonius’ story, Tony’s struggles to unravel the mystery of the key, and shifts through time, the narrative charges along until Reilly ties it all together with precise skill. The heartening ending is thoroughly satisfying. Lovers of finely crafted time travel tales will be gratified.

Product Details:
Paperback: ‎213 Pages
Publisher: ‎World Castle Publishing, LLC (August 27, 2021)
Language: ‎English
Thrillers (Medical)
Fiction (Medical Thrillers)
Fiction (Suspense)
Fiction (Time Travel)
Medical (Thrillers)
Magical Realism

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About Author Thomas Reilly: Thomas Reilly is a retired biotechnology scientist and executive who holds a doctoral degree in microbiology. He is the author of numerous essays and articles on science and technology. CHASING TIME, his first novel, is a gripping medical suspense story with a touch of magical realism that captures many elements of the drug research and development processes. He lives in Wilmington, Delaware with his wife Linda.

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