The Rogue Bear & Other Short Stories by Anastasia Cassella-Young

The Rogue Bear & Other Short Stories by Anastasia Cassella-Young.

Anastasia Cassella-Young’s ‘The Rogue Bear’ and ‘Small Blurb’ are based on true stories.

A “rogue” bear is when it attacks or attempts to get into a home.

‘Small Blurb’ is based on a true story about a “small blurb” a dead woman received in a NY newspaper after dying on the IRT subway line.

‘The Writer’ is a fictional accounting of the runaway imagination of a writer following the prediction of the immediate future in a painting above his desk. Murder and mayhem ensue.

‘Just Like Grandma’ is about a grandmother protecting her grandchildren from an awful alcoholic father who is abusive to the point that “Grandma” protects the children with a gun and her story of the aftermath of that decision.

‘You’re Supposed to be Scared’ is a great Halloween story about a haunted house and the tour through that haunted house and what happens there.

This is a very good read from the wild imagination of a bi-polar surviving writer!

Short Stories (Short Reads)

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Special Note: Anastasia Cassella goes by Anastasia Cassella and Anastasia Cassella-Young. She uses different covers for her print and eBook versions. She uses different covers for her regular print versions and large print versions.

About Anastasia Cassella: Anastasia Cassella is a proud Maine Author. She has published ten, multi-genre works. She has been writing since she was sixteen, following in her dad’s footsteps. Poetry comes easy for her. Truth comes easily. Writing dramas, using life experiences, comes easier.

Anastasia is the owner of ‘Mind Fog Reviews’. She is an editor, bookmark producer, small simple book trailer producer, and wears many other hats.

She loves assisting authors and writing. She is currently working on novels and children’s stories.




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