Princess In Exile by Bernadette Rowley

Princess In Exile by Bernadette Rowley.

An Epic Fantasy Romance Novel!

Queenmakers Saga Series Book Three.

A PRINCESS OF THE PEOPLE IN SELF-IMPOSED EXILE Nothing could prepare Alecia for what she faces as she leaves all she has known behind and embraces a future with her rescuer. A TORMENTED SHAPESHIFTER, DESPERATE TO DEFEND THE WOMAN HE LOVES Vard Anton fights both external forces and the least controllable of his forms – the bear.

The lovers travel to a lost city, hoping a sorcerer there may help Vard master his transformations. They soon discover this mentor has his own devious agenda. Will Vard and Alecia escape? Can their love survive Alecia’s fear of Vard’s animal forms? What secret does the princess hold with the power to destroy Vard’s trust? The answers to all this and more are contained in the pages of Princess in Exile, the dark sequel to Princess Avenger.

Princess in Exile is the third book in the epic Queenmakers Saga, combining the sweeping high fantasy world of Thorius with sizzling romance. If you like magic, political intrigue and mythical creatures, wrapped up in a ‘beauty and the beast’ love story, then you’ll adore Princess in Exile.

This book contains sex scenes and is intended for mature readers.


“All the drama, angst, danger and suspense make for one thrilling experience.”

“This was a riveting story. The author’s characterization and the plot drew me through the book. Great follow-up to the first story in the series.”

“Ah! The tension grows in this fast-paced sequel to The Princess Avenger. Princess in Exile is fast, tight, and full of action and drama. It kept me turning pages until the end in a short period of time.”

“This is A Must Read. I loved it. If you like magic and shifters, and battles you will love this.”

Product Details:
Queenmakers Saga Series Book Three
Paperback: ‎182 Pages
Publisher: ‎Bernadette Rowley Fantasy (January 6, 2020)
Language: ‎English
Fantasy (Action & Adventure)
Fantasy (Adult & College Age)
Fantasy (Dragons & Mythical Creatures)
Fantasy (Epic Romance)
Fantasy (Fairy Tales)
Fantasy (Metaphysical & Visionary)
Fantasy (Sword & Sorcery)
Romance (Action-Drama)
Romance (Gothic)
Romance (Paranormal)

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About Bernadette Rowley: Bernadette Rowley is a lover of epic fantasy who is a veterinarian by day and an author by night. She is currently published in the genre of fantasy/paranormal romance with eight books, all set in her fantasy world of Thorius.

When she was a young teenager, an aunt gave her a copy of The Sword of Shannara by Terry Brooks and Bernadette has lived in various fantasy worlds ever since. So, it’s no surprise that her chosen genre when writing romance is fantasy.

“I can see these settings so vibrantly in my mind and hope my readers can too.”

But Bernadette has no desire to spoon-feed her readers by laboriously describing her fantasy settings. She would rather the reader use their own imagination a little.

Along with sword and sorcery, dashing heroes and stunning heroines, this author includes strong healing themes in many of her books- an element which is central to her everyday job.

“When I started writing this series, I never imagined my day job would force its way into my stories as it has.”

And of course, there are animals, especially Bernadette’s beloved horses.

Bernadette lives on the Sunshine Coast, in Queensland, Australia, where she enjoys a great coffee, walks in nature and catching up with family and friends.

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