Perceptions and Secrets by Jessica Gold

Perceptions and Secrets by Jessica Gold.

Our Perceptions may not always be reality. Rick and Marissa Lynch, Manhattan elite and press favorites seem like the perfect couple, with money, prestige and a beautiful daughter Emily. In reality, their lives have become tangled webs filled with deceit and secrets.

Hailey Everson, Marissa’s twin yearns to live a private life far from the paparazzi. She’s able to be her own person, a music teacher, until she meets legacy senatorial candidate, Chad Harper and sparks fly. Thrust into the limelight, together they learn to navigate the attention and steer their relationships to new heights.

The book takes you from Manhattan to the Hamptons, unraveling secrets while gaining a clearer perception of their complicated worlds.

Product Details:
Paperback: ‎254 Pages
Published: December 14, 2022
Language: ‎English
Romance (Contemporary)

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About The Author: Author Jessica Gold’s love of writing began when her story, The Animals in Africa, won honorable mention in the local county writing contest. She has been an educator, a freelance magazine journalist and website writer for twenty-five years. She writes many of her articles and books on her phone while listening to Top 40 songs and drinking her favorite beverage; unsweetened iced tea. Jessica is a busy mom of two active children; she spends many hours bringing them to sports and music events. She credits her husband of twenty-one years for inspiring her to keep writing and to let her creativity flow. When she is not writing, she loves the beach, spending time with her family and friends and making a good lasagna.

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