My Favorite Girlfriend by Paul Sturm

My Favorite Girlfriend by Paul Sturm.

Laugh-Out-Loud Funny For Young And Old Alike!

If you enjoyed Bill Bryson’s book, ‘The Life and Times of the Thunderbolt Kid,’ and Russell Baker’s book, ‘Growing Up,’ you will thoroughly enjoy the hilarious, coming-of-age, romantic comedy, ‘My Favorite Girlfriend,’ by Paul Sturm.  This heartwarming, humorous, and entertaining memoir details how a scrawny, funny-looking, audaciously witty kid leveraged his surprising athletic skills in basketball and his creative imagination in the classroom to become popular.  The story is really a romantic comedy identifying the author’s constant desire for a girlfriend, as early as kindergarten.

The story captures the uproarious twists and turns in the author’s romantic relationships and his athletic pursuits, beginning in Park Ridge, New Jersey, as a youth, and then at The College of William and Mary.  His comical pursuit of love, despite his less than impressive appearance, includes woeful failures with the opposite sex, but some wonderful times, too. After many exciting relationships, would he ever find the girl of his dreams?

Reviewed by Sheri Hoyte for Reader Views (06/2022). “My Favorite Girlfriend” by Paul Sturm is a delightful coming-of-age memoir about a scrawny, wisecracking kid who aspires to become his very best self in order to achieve happiness and success, both in life, and with his favorite girlfriend.

The story follows the author from kindergarten through his time at college. A blended coming-of-age, romance, and sports memoir, the story holds wide-level audience appeal, regaling readers with its endearing charm and witty prose. It’s a throw-back to simpler times, a reminder to enjoy every moment of our lives and a message that just might inspire readers to rise above any self-induced limitations and take a chance with that girl, try out for the basketball team, or anything else that might take you outside your comfort zone to realize your dreams.

A little girl named Rosie sets an ominous though adorable tone for Paul’s future relationships during playtime one day in kindergarten, when she sucker-punches the author for complimenting her on her pink-ruffled underwear. Rambunctious young man that he is, Paul returns her endearment with a punch of his own—right to little Rosie’s gut. Not a good start to his experiences with the “fairer” sex. The author will meet many Rosie’s on his quest to find his favorite girlfriend, though the violence dips dramatically from that point, thankfully.

Laced throughout the book are nostalgic musings of the author’s athletic pursuits. Sports enthusiasts will enjoy play-by-play commentary of his achievements in sports during his school years.

One thing that is apparent throughout the book is that Paul Sturm had a great time writing “My Favorite Girlfriend” and he is a wonderful storyteller. His enthusiasm and excitement in the story’s telling were captivating. The entire story is an upbeat, hilarious adventure. Even his less than fruitful endeavors are held in high esteem as irreplaceable events that shaped him into the person he is today. His wit shines through every page, and I was impressed by his vivid recollections of the past.

“My Favorite Girlfriend” by Paul Sturm is an adventurous and lively story that all ages will enjoy. review of “My Favorite Girlfriend” by Paul Sturm. Paul has a penchant for unattainable women who have it all—beauty, intelligence, and, unfortunately, the ability to snuff out his dreams with one look. As early as Paul could remember, nothing motivated him like the possibility of being noticed by these types of girls. And he learned quickly that most of his attempts were futile—simply pining for their attention wasn’t getting him anywhere. Paul needed to up the ante. That’s when he discovered basketball and his natural athleticism that, if channeled effectively, could work in his favor. Perhaps if he had excelled at the game on the court, he could score some points off the court as well. Maybe it would stir up lusty stares instead of the usual eye rolls.

Would Paul receive the warm reception he desperately sought, or would he continue to strike out? This wildly entertaining book will give readers all the answers.

In My Favorite Girlfriend by Paul Sturm, the author candidly shares the trials and tribulations of his experiences with the opposite sex. The book follows a linear path from kindergarten in New York to his youth and teenage years in Park Ridge, New Jersey. Not only does Paul reflect on his awkward encounters with females, but he also writes about his time playing basketball on his school’s team.

The best part of the book was Paul’s knack for storytelling. I happily tore through the pages, endlessly entertained by his recollections. I found it endearing that he had a self-deprecating sense of humor. Many of his memories involved being riled by his teammates for his size (mainly lack of girth), being described as “funny-looking” by a female, and calling his appearance “underwhelming.” The author seemed to take all the ridicule in stride, relying on his quick wit and sense of humor to get him through. He proved that you miss out on all the fun if you take yourself too seriously.

I found Paul’s stories to be giggle-inducing and surprisingly relatable, so if you have a sense of humor, this book is for you.

Editorial Review by BooksGoSocial of My Favorite Girlfriend. Which line stood out from all the others in the book?

After all my dating, I was and remain appreciative of every relationship with women along the way, for even if I was unceremoniously dumped, ignored, scolded, or taunted for my behavior, these beautiful women I described in this book spent quality time with me, and helped me recognize how a relationship with a woman can be exhilarating beyond words on so many levels.

General Summary for Context: A riotous and heartfelt story about a boy who, despite not being good-looking or charismatic, manages to somehow worm his way into the lives and hearts of so many young girls. The end result of many of these encounters and “relationships” (for lack of a better word) leads poor Paul to persist (and persist some more) even in the face of rejection and ridicule. He has a habit of veering in on girls who are far more attractive than him, with results that are both comical and demeaning. However, he is nothing if not extremely persistent, and we are privileged to accompany him on his quest to find the perfect girlfriend for him.

Concise Review: It’s a riot of a memoir as we share in the experiences (both positive and negative) as the protagonist in the story selects any number of gorgeous and brilliant girls, often gets rejected, brushes himself off, and begins anew in his quest to find the perfect girlfriend he can spend the rest of his life with. No easy feat, since Paul is neither particularly attractive, particularly smart or particularly clever. As this changes throughout his lifetime, as he becomes both smarter and athletically gifted, he becomes somewhat more successful in the dating game. We cheer his successes and cringe at his failures, even being rejected by ugly women.  He somehow manages to take everything in his stride, and even severely hurting his ankle and therefore limiting his chances at obtaining a basketball scholarship, doesn’t deter him from his ultimate goal. Will he eventually find the perfect girlfriend or is he destined to remain alone and loveless his entire life?

General thoughts on the Novel: I loved this memoir and found it to be unlike anything I have ever read before.  Told in the first person with wry touches of realism, humor and good-naturedness, we are able to experience and intimately feel exactly what Paul is going through.  It’s a wonderful ride and I recommend it to anyone looking for a story that is truly entertaining as well as touching. It hits the ball out of the field as it provides the reader with a thoroughly enjoyable experience. Don’t miss out!

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Paul Sturm: Humorous Author and Speaker.

Paul actually started writing poems as a teenager, attempting to impress young ladies, though to no avail except for a smile or two.  Many years later, the author was working in a high-pressure career prompting him to escape by reading and writing for the fun of it.  The author’s amusing sense of humor provided the perfect backdrop for his hilarious books.

Another important aspect of his writing could be gleaned from an episode of The Twilight Zone titled “Walking Distance.”  In that episode, a traveling executive has car trouble on a country road. The man walks to the small town nearby where he was born and discovers himself as a boy once more.  The author, in a manner, revels in writing amusing tales of his youth growing up in a small town, allowing him to be a spirited young boy once more.

Paul has a B.S. degree from The College of William and Mary, an M.B.A. degree from the University of South Florida, and is a Certified Public Accountant, a CPA. The author spent 2 years at the accounting firm, Arthur Andersen, Inc., before accepting an offer from Computer Sciences Corporation, where he became a Vice President of Finance in 1986. The author enjoyed 37 exciting and adventurous years at Computer Sciences Corporation, including several overseas assignments in Malaysia, India, and Europe.

The author has written 3 amusing, entertaining, and fun-loving books, including My Favorite Girlfriend, Golfing Adventures with Frankie, the Witty Caddie, and More Golfing Adventures with Frankie, the Witty Caddie.

Paul is married and has 3 children and 3 grandsons, and lives just outside of Washington, D.C., in a Virginia suburb.

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