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Spellbound and Sensationless: A Drug War Vision by Michael Palladini.

Spellbound and Sensationless: A Drug War Vision. Best friends struggling with their drug-fueled past, embark on a journey of self-discovery which changes their lives forever.

What is a drug war vision? A personal vision. A battle with enemies known and unknown. Where did it start? Where is it going? Life continues to follow childhood friends Mark and Jason as they try to move beyond the memories and break the pull of the past. The drugs remain within reach, the law has made its statement, relationships have come and gone. The world waits for them to find their place. Spellbound and Sensationless. Love and Friendship. Art and Music. Drugs and War. A personal war.

A drug war is defined as an organized campaign against the production, trafficking, and use of illegal drugs. A vision can be defined as an idea or mental image. The war on drugs has created many visions for many years. Spellbound and Sensationless is one of those visions. A personal vision of a drug war that is fought every day in the heart and the mind, in homes, schools, offices, and on the streets. A vision of a world at war with itself, singular worlds in the midst of an unknown universe that is unable to see.

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Paperback: ‎395 Pages
Publisher: ‎Independently Published (April 16, 2022)
Language: ‎English
Fiction (Literary)

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About The Author: Michael Palladini, author of Spellbound and Sensationless, and Drugs of Abuse: From Doctors to Dealers, Users and Healers, received his BA in Psychology from the Penn State University, BS in Pharmacy from Virginia Commonwealth University, and MBA from Robert Morris University. He has been dedicated to exploring drug trends of psychoactive medications and presenting that information in the form of live presentations, discussions, and training, as well as the written word. His career has allowed him to work with fascinating people that share his enthusiasm for bringing a greater understanding of drug use to the forefront. Through both scientific and objective data, to imaginative storytelling, Michael attempts to share this information with compassion, care, and understanding.

He lives near Pittsburgh, PA with his wife and three sons. In addition to reading and writing, he enjoys many things, including listening to music, playing music, talking and listening to others, spending time with family and friends, sitting on the porch, helping the gardens grow, building warm fires, and maintaining the vision.

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