Meth Murder & Amazon by G. S. Gerry

Meth Murder & Amazon by G. S. Gerry.

A Visionary Approach To Laughter!

Part of: Sometimes Life Is Stranger Than Fiction (book 1).

How much would you risk to sell your home? Would you sell your home if it cost you your sanity? How about your dignity? Or maybe you’re willing to risk your reputation? No risk it…no biscuit.

From award-winning author G. S. Gerry comes Meth Murder & Amazon.

Meet Derald Grake: on the surface he’s an average, everyday Joe Schmuckatelli. Respectable family man and reasonably sane employee working for Amazon.

Sadly, his life took a regrettably ill-fated turn under the most ordinary of circumstances…listing the family home FOR SALE.

Murphy’s Law states “anything that can go wrong, will go wrong”.

How you choose to deal with it…is up to you.

Let the metamorphosis begin!

Now Introducing Ricinburg: a one-of-a-kind murdering psychopath that cooks meth in his garage, on the side.

No one is safe, not even Mr. Grake’s own family!

But, things weren’t always this way.

What happened to this father of 4 that would drive him to despicable acts of villainy? Culminating in an unbelievable accusation of murdering one of his very own children.

Quit Meth’in Around & climb aboard the methacoaster with G. S. Gerry and the entire MMA crew.

Laugh-out-loud funny with a hilarious cast of absurdity, Meth Murder & Amazon guarantees an experience unlike anything imaginable.


“Wholly original and darkly humorous…An Experience Unlike Anything Imaginable…Reminiscent of Robin Williamson speed …completely off the wall and guaranteed to make you laugh out loud” – BookViral Reviews

“It all goes downhill as quickly as a methamphetamine rush. It’s brutal. Nothing seems to come easily for the family and they are struck by calamity after calamity…This book is good for a laugh if that is what you are in the mood for, and good for a laugh if you’re a grumpy old cow and are not in the mood for one also.” -Jamie Michele, Readers’ Favorite

“Part satire, part dark comedy, Meth, Murder, & Amazon is a wild rollercoaster of a ride from start to finish…the unique satirical style and quirky characters quickly hook you in and keep your eyes glued to the pages until the very end. If you want to read something hilarious that happens to be a true story, check out Meth, Murder, & Amazon” – Pikasho Deka, Readers’ Favorite

“The comical way Meth, Murder and Amazon was written is so unique and thrilling yet very much relatable…There is absolutely no way one can read this book without literally laughing their heads off. Aside its entertaining value, Meth, Murder & Amazon offers vital life lessons-it’s a must read!” – Mary Jane Anderson,

“Written in an extremely unique style. With absurd character names and place names, weird little rhymes, and unusual descriptors. I’ve never read a book quite like this before…But I liked it. How could I not like it?… If you’re willing to take a chance on something different, then you will enjoy Meth Murder and Amazon. – Tess Quinn, Reedsy: Discovery

5 Stars: Comic Relief Parallels Family Drama!

Apart from the fact that these situations are factual, this family took lemons, and made lemonade. Then they took the lemonade and brought the world some comic relief.

Author G. S. Gerry is a dedicated family man, father of four, Navy veteran, and now award-winning author. His impressive writing style and keen sense of humor will leave you wanting more.

Main character Mr. Grake is a “law-abiding citizen, pays his taxes, and keeps a low profile. Chasing after the American Dream, working to secure a lifetime of happiness. “What began as a trivial exercise of selling the family home in May unravels into a chaotic web of meth, murder, and the end of Amazon over the next 6 months. As Mr. Grake sets in to motion an outlandish, diabolical, fool-proof plan of selling the family… home.”

Let me set the stage:

  • Mystery guest #1, Caffwe. Seasoned assassin masquerading as a “real estate agent”.
  • Stage contestant #2 Dawbee. Dawbee is Caffwe’s assistant and junior assassin at Katcher Wilson.
  • Solve the equation to the complex formula; buy low, sell high.
  • First Comes Murder
  • Then Comes Meth
  • Side Spitting Travel Logs
  • The Interview
  • The Fallout
  • Worst to worsted
  • The bomb
  • Final Countdown
  • Decisions…decisions
  • Turkey wing Turkey wing, taters, and some gravy
  • The final tally

I invite you to read the “Travel logs from The Sky-Scrapin’ State to The Shred Shine State and back again. The Grake’s recount the tales of trips in Titan, birthday wishes to weeds so vicious, cop chases, and the lightly- moderate-severely severe turbulence inside the clutches of the bomb cyclone.”

Enjoy Author G. S. Gerry’s unique writing style. G. S. uses absurdity, avoiding the pitfalls of cursing, and draws each reader into a roller coaster of the unthinkable.

Personally, I can hardly wait until G. S. Gerry writes his second-best seller!

Editorial Review (Book Marketing Global Network).

About The Author: G. S. Gerry is a dedicated family man, Navy veteran, and award-winning author from St. Petersburg, FL. Married for 17 years, at the sound age of 18, and father to 4 kids (16/14/11/8). Just your average, everyday Joe Schmuckatelli with some wild stories to tell. As is the G. S. Gerry tradition, everything in his life seems to happen in the most non-traditional ways. He experienced 16 & pregnant before it became popular. Overcoming obstacle after calamity after hilarious situation in his short time on the earth. There’s an old saying plant a tree, have a child, and write a book. G. S. Gerry’s award-winning debut novel Meth Murder & Amazon checks one off the list, with an unforgettable comedic journey of a lifetime. But, he is taking recommendations on trees to plant. Check out G. S. Gerry and exclusive MMA content on

Product Details:
Paperback: ‎248 Pages
Publisher: ‎Grake Den (February 10, 2022)
Language: ‎English
Humor (Entertainment Humor)
Humor (Dark)

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Amazon Author’s Bio: G. S. Gerry is all about helping others EMBRACE life’s adversity and laughing your way to a better today!

Bridging comedy and originality with outlandish creations, Gerry leaves no stone unturned in his quest to poke fun at…ALL THE THINGS.

No topic is off-limits and any situation is an opportunity for an unexpected comedic journey.

G. S. Gerry’s creations offer an escape from life’s harsh realities and provides a hilarious, yet simple perspective in turning lemons into lemonade. Constructing a world where the unbelievable seems made up and yet, oddly relatable.

Don’t let life get you down, Quit Meth’in Around and turn that frown upside down.

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