Little Miss HISTORY Travels to The NORTH POLE by Barbara Ann Mojica

Little Miss HISTORY Travels to The NORTH POLE by Barbara Ann Mojica.

  • Ever feel like you’re standing on thin ice?
  • Here at the northernmost point on Earth, no land lies below. Are there seasons?
  • Who lives here?
  • What does Santa look like and where does he live?

This is the ninth book in the children’s history series with Little Miss HISTORY arriving at the North Pole in a sled pulled by four huskies.

What you will learn:

  • Location of the North Pole.
  • What’s under it?
  • How often you see sunrise and sunset?
  • Animals you might find.
  • First explorers.
  • The first African-American explorer.
  • Who owns the North Pole?
  • What is the Arctic Circle?
  • What is the tundra?
  • What land masses are close to the North Pole?
  • How many countries are in the Arctic region?
  • Who is called Inuit and where do they live?
  • What does the term indigenous people mean?
  • Who is Thomas Nast?
  • What are some names for Santa Claus?
  • When does Santa deliver gifts?
  • Who is Odin?
  • Who is the real St. Nicholas?
  • Who wrote the poem, “Twas the Night Before Christmas”?
  • In the 1930s what did Santa advertise?
  • Does Santa have helpers?
  • Why does the North Pole have no time zone?
  • What are International Waters?
  • What countries claim the Lomonosov Ridge and why?

Review: Little Miss History Travels to the North Pole by Barbara Ann Mojica is a story that features a young girl who opens by explaining why her parents gave her the nickname “Little Miss History”; she constantly asks questions about the past. Her travels to the North Pole show her driving a sled drawn by huskies and walking with ski sticks, all on brilliant white snow. Lines of longitude, lack of a time zone, the “land” being a floating sheet of ice in the Arctic Ocean, summer and winter temperatures and sunlight times, wildlife as in birds, fish, and mammals, explorers, the countries that surround the pole, the indigenous people – it is all here, beautifully illustrated with pictures, and maps, and written in a clear font. Can you resist finding out the truth about Santa Claus?

This is a book written for children, and its appeal is undeniable. I loved the chatty style that subtly hides the “educational” aspect, but Barbara Ann Mojica sets out to teach and she succeeds. I learned a lot I didn’t know, and any child would absorb the fascinating facts so clearly and entertainingly explained, and, of course, drawn in by the promise of finding out about Santa Claus. By the time they can read and understand this enchanting book, they know he’s make-believe, isn’t he? He has many other names dug from the mists of time by Little Miss History. Little Miss History Travels to the North Pole is the perfect Christmas gift, and sure to be welcomed by schools at any time.


Product Details:
Little Miss HISTORY Travels To THE NORTH POLE (Volume 9 In The Little Miss HISTORY Travels To Children’s Book Series)
Paperback: 38 Pages
Reading level: 6-12 Years
Grade Level: Kindergarten-6
Publisher: Eugenus STUDIOS, LLC (November 1, 2018)
Mr. Victor Ramon Mojica (Illustrator)
Language: English
Reading Age: ‎ 6-12 Years
The Adventures of Little Miss HISTORY
Juvenile Nonfiction for Elementary and Middle Grade (K-6)

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About Barbara Ann Mojica: Barbara Ann Mojica, M.A. S.A.S., S.D.A is a historian and retired educator. Her education career spans more than forty years serving as a teacher, special educator, principal, and school district administrator. Barbara writes monthly historical articles for the Columbia Insider under the banner “Passages.” Using the whimsical Little Miss History character to narrate her book series, Barbara hopes to educate, entertain and inspire children to learn about historical people and places. Little Miss History’s antics make reading nonfiction a fun-filled adventure for all ages. She firmly believes, “If you don’t know your history, you don’t know what you’re talking about.”

The Little Miss HISTORY book series has garnered more than two dozen awards including B.R.A.G. Medallions, International Book Excellence Awards, International Readers’ Favorite Awards, Eric Hoffer, and Independent Author Network Awards.

  • Volume 1 Mount Rushmore.
  • Volume 2 The Statue of Liberty.
  • Volume 3 Sequoia National Park.
  • Volume 4 Ford’s Theater.
  • Volume 5 Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum.
  • Volume 6 Ellis Island.
  • Volume 7 Mount Vernon.
  • Volume 8 La Brea Tar Pits & Museum.
  • Volume 9 The North Pole.
  • Volume 10 Hyde Park, Home of Franklin D. Roosevelt Presidential Library & Museum.
  • Volume 11 Tombstone Arizona.
  • Volume 12 Independence Hall & The Museum of The American Revolution.
  • Volume 13 Little Miss HISTORY Travels to The Battleship IOWA.

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