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Only the Lucky Grow Old by Kristine Fontaine.

Aging is a privilege denied to many… When you look at an older adult, what do you see? Have you ever stopped to think they were once young? What tales could they tell? What were their triumphs and tragedies? To be graced with the good fortune of growing old is something I think many of us take for granted.

As a Physical Therapist for over thirty-two years, I have worked with countless older adults who I’ve admired and found fascinating. This book will take you through the lives of twenty-two amazing individuals over the age of ninety. Their “ordinary” stories are extraordinary. As a therapist, I also wish to share what I have learned about arthritis and aging. There are proactive measures you can take now to help as you transition into and through the “Golden Years”.

Woven throughout are some of my own stories . . . anecdotes I hope you find amusing, as well as reflections on a variety of topics, life and spirituality included. May you find what is written on these pages educational, enjoyable, and inspirational.

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Print Length: ‎440 Pages
Publisher: Independently published (April 8, 2020)
Language: ‎English
Global Library: Non-Fiction (General)
Global Library: Non-Fiction (Christian Inspiration)

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Message From The Author: I have been a Physical Therapist for 32 years and love what I do. I have worked as an outpatient therapist throughout my career, and have always enjoyed working with the elderly population. I love the stories they share about their lives, as well as their outlooks and wisdom. I had a fleeting thought one day about how neat it would be to have their stories recorded, but initially ignored it.

I have always enjoyed creative writing, but never had any desire to be an author…until about 2 years ago. The thought about creating a book out of the stories shared became something I found myself thinking more and more about. So much so that I finally made the decision to undertake the task of writing this book. One day I was sitting reading the Sunday paper and the man who would become my first interview was featured in an article. I found the article about his life fascinating, and said to myself should I begin the project, he would definitely be someone I would like to speak with.

The book is written with meaning, heart and sincerity. I have learned much in my years as a therapist and would like to share some of that with all of you. The book is meant to make you think and reflect, but also to provide, hopefully, a sense of peace and appreciation. I also hope you find many of my stories and interjections funny.

I am not an avid reader myself, but love the art of baking, and I love to garden. I do consider myself an avid conversationalist-interpret that how you would like 🙂

I believe in living a healthy lifestyle with diet and exercise being essential, as well as the grounding that spirituality provides.

I welcome any questions and hope you find my book interesting enough to read. If so, I welcome any thoughts you may have.

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