Kepler’s Son by Geoff Nelder

Kepler’s Son by Geoff Nelder.

Book 3: The Flying Crooked Series.

Mother and father are true humans born on Earth. Their son was conceived with the unwanted help from alien genes and so Gaston while loving him, refers to Adah as more Kepler’s son than his.

The hybrid Adah walked over and hugged his very human mother, who eagerly wrapped her arms around him even though she wasn’t keen on his sweaty-socks pungency. Weird considering, he didn’t wear socks. No one did.

The humans and their offspring (including clones and GM people) in the Kepler system face a backlash from Purist keps who want all humankind to be extinguished. With the support of the kep elite and strange artificial intelligence machines, our plucky band of humans find themselves hiding in the most extraordinary places such as inside a sun, but is it enough to thwart danger?

5-Stars: Adah is different in most respects from human boys.

‘Kepler’s Son’ inThe Flying Crooked’ series by Geoff Nelder is finally here. Let’s recap.

In ‘Suppose We’ (book one) a spaceship crash-lands on a faraway planet but the natives are so far ahead of Earth they ignore the human crew.

In ‘Falling Up’ (book two) Em is captured by an alien artificial intelligence that had attacked the Kepler-20h system.

Now in‘Kepler’s Son’ (book three) our heroes’ ace trick of splicing human genes with nasty bacteria to help the natives has backfired leaving the planet in danger of being overrun by squidgy, rapidly-evolving mind-hive creatures.

The Artificial Intelligence CAN reports after arranging with Kep flitters to reprogram all the ‘essential’ communication and science satellites that danced in whirls and lurches after being deserted by their home Kepler-20h planet. Problem: none of the 125 satellites have sufficient fuel to travel far. Solution: We’ve cannibalised some to create a huge solar cell array to supplement slow but steady ion drives to make their way. Where to? We didn’t know for days, but perturbations in the inner-planet orbits revealed the probable location and I found a weak signal from a beacon. Streaming now to update and sync. Bad news: intense radiation needs guarding against. Date: Earth February 19th 3664 Kepler New 6976 days.

A census is conducted by me because none counts better than I. All data refer to beings on this planet Kepler-20h. All beings possess a biometric signature whether they know it or not.

  • Indigenous population known to humans as keps: 137, 328 (data from their archives indicate a mass migration to other planets 21 years ago).
  • Indigenous population known to humans as trogs: 2,675,177 (NB very few live on the surface).
  • Humans from Earth: 2 (Science Officer Gaston Poirier, Navigator Em Farrer).
  • Human-forms with tripartite genetic code: 1 (Adah with DNA from two humans and one kep).
  • Human-forms with pure human DNA via cloning engineering using original crew members plus genetic material brought from Earth: 217.
  • Keeps – engineered human plus indigenous bacteria: 2,538,824.

In Chapter Twenty-Seven: Em was always the one who put herself out, travelling for days over unknown landscapes with only Kep1 and a trio of flitters for company just to hug her son. Gaston wasn’t Adah’s father, at least not in the traditional sense. The kep biologists had sampled his DNA and explained how most of it was human and some from the kep rapist and it’s the latter that had made him so different in most respects from human boys. His translucent skin; telepathic abilities the limitations of which he’d yet to discover except that it only worked with keps and keeps; and his ability to solidify his imaginary friends. Very scary and completely mysterious. At least his mother and father—the Gaston fraction—were now safe on the kep’s secret corona station. Hiding it inside a sun.

I enjoyed reading ‘Kepler’s Son’ and I invite you to read ‘The Flying Crooked’ series. Author Geoff Nelder takes his readers on a spectacular 5-Star Science Fiction (Action and Adventure). You will want to catch up before ‘Vanished Earth’ (book four) arrives. What’s happened to the humans’ home planet? Assuming Earth is our home planet. In book 4 of the Flying Crooked series of hard science fiction novellas, we find Earth, or so we think, but like the butterfly it’s changed.

Geoff Nelder lives in rural England within an easy cycle ride of the Welsh mountains. Publications include several non-fiction books on climate reflecting his other persona as a Fellow of the Royal Meteorological Society; over 90 published short stories in various magazines and anthologies; thriller, humour, science fiction, and fantasy novels.

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Paperback: ‎201 Pages
Publisher: ‎LL-Publications (November 22, 2022)
Language: ‎English
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About The Author: Geoff Nelder is a freelance writer living in Chester, UK.

A former high school teacher of geography and information technology, he has had non-fiction books published on microclimates in the UK along with several articles in academic journals such as Weather, Geographical Magazine and the Times Educational Supplement. Geoff is a part-time journalist contributing humorous travel accounts to Cycling World.

He has had short stories published and won a commendation for a story in the Ron Hubbard Writers of the Future Competition. He won first prize in the Cafe Doom short story competition in 2005. Besides his 2005 released humour novel, Escaping Reality, published by Brambling Books, he won an award for mystery thriller, Hot Air, to be published by a Dutch Arts Academy in 2009, and a Science Fiction block buster, Left Luggage is in the hands of an agent. Double Dragon Publishing published Geoff’s Exit, Pursued by a Bee science fiction in 2008.

Geoff is an editor for Adventure Books of Seattle, co-editor of Escape Velocity – a print and ezine magazine of science fact and fiction. He has been a freelance editor of novels and short stories for several years. Geoff is the 2009 sort-fiction judge for the Whittaker Prize.

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