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Lady Of The Play by Deena Lindstedt.

Was Elizabeth (Ely) Trentham only just the second wife of Edward deVere, the 17th Earl of Oxford? Or, should she be properly recognized as the authentic Shakespeare?

The story of the genius of Ely is revealed, from her childhood to the ten years as a maid of honor to Queen Elizabeth I, her marriage to deVere and their collaboration, and why they needed to hire Wm Shaksper as their front. After Edward’s death in 1604, Ely continues to write plays until her death in 1612, the same year “Shakespeare” retires. Unbeknownst to anyone, Ely leaves clues behind waiting to be discovered even though it will take four-hundred years to do so.

Interwoven into the story of Ely is the modern story of Cynthia Parsons, a history teacher who is convinced Ely and Edward collaborated. Cynthia’s life includes friendships and romance, but researching the truth about Ely remains her primary focus. She receives help from a librarian friend and an attorney and together they search for evidence to prove who actually deserves the title “Shakespeare.” When Cynthia finds the clues left behind by Ely, there are those who will use any means to keep Cynthia from revealing her discoveries.

Winner of Early 2022 Firebird Book Award

Review by -Ingrid Delle Jacobson, Editor: “A thoroughly enjoyable read and lovely book! I was almost sorry to edit the last page. I was particularly impressed with the literary references and the amount of research that has gone into writing it.

Essentially two storylines in one book, the author has woven them together beautifully. The plot unfolds perfectly, the characters are easily imaginable and well described (and well researched in the historical chapters). The descriptions of clothing, environs and society of the time in the historical chapters were also beautifully crafted, evocative and clearly well-researched.

Generally speaking, this book ticks all the boxes of ‘great reads.’ I may be biased somewhat as I, too, am an avid Shakespeare fan (I have acted many Shakespearean roles as well) and for sure, other ‘Bardolators’ (apparently this is now a word for fans of Shakespeare) will love this! Indeed, readers fond of historical or semi-historical novels will enjoy it, too. Please write some more!”

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Hardcover: ‎388 Pages
Publisher: ‎Wings Epress, Inc. (October 1, 2021)
Language: ‎English
Global Library: Fiction (Historical)
Global Library: Fiction (Medieval Historical)
Global Library: Mysteries (Historical)

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Deception Cove by Deena Lindstedt

Meredith lost her footing on loose shale, sending rocks rolling down the face of the mountain. Forcing herself to fall backward, she stopped her downward flight by digging her heels into the loose gravel and dirt, but skinned the heels of her hands in the process. When she surveyed the landscape, she thought walking down the rocky incline would be easier, and she could keep the ocean in view. Looking back up the slope, she realized a previous landslide had caused the unstable earth. Cautiously, she crawled through the loose rocks until she was back on solid ground.

Standing on a rocky outcropping, she picked pieces of gravel from her skinned hands, brushed herself off, and paused for a minute to marvel at the view. There wasn’t just one mountain, but a series of evergreen covered mountains all converging on one another. The green-forested mountains changed into green-black, one mountain shadowed against another, until they turned purple, silhouetted against the skyline miles away. The majestic coastal mountain panorama surrounded her, until it abruptly ended in the infinite blue of the Pacific Ocean.

She brought herself back to her near surroundings and realized where she stood made a perfect target. Behind her were two killers and before her was the steep downward route to the highway; a highway which was nowhere in sight. No choice but to continue down and hope for the best. She still felt uncertain what route to take. Her desire to keep the ocean in view not only proved impractical, but unsafe. There was no other choice but to climb back into the gully where the stream snaked down into a dark canyon. The stream seemed to meander at the edge of several acres of logged timber and down to the canyon so deeply forested all she could see were the tops of the trees.

Product Details:
Print Length: ‎290 Pages
Publisher: ‎Wings ePress, Inc. (December 11, 2010)
Language: ‎English
Global Library: Mysteries Romance
Global Library: Mysteries Women Sleuths
Global Library: Romance Suspense Thrillers


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Message From The Author: Starting a new life after retiring from a business career, I became a full-time student at Marylhurst University in Portland, Oregon majoring in English Literature and Writing, graduating with my BA degree in 2006. During my senior year I was inspired by my Shakespeare class, with not just the plays and sonnets, but with the authorship question as well. I was certain a woman must have had a hand in writing the plays since so many of the roles had strong female characters — certainly something unusual since woman of the sixteenth century lived in a misogynistic society. This led me to Elizabeth Trentham, the second wife of Edward deVere, the 17th Earl of Oxford, ultimately spending the next several years researching and writing my novel, Lady of the Play. To be published in 2021 by Wings ePress.

I am a widow living in Tigard, Oregon. I have three sons from my first marriage to Robert Pease. I have nine grandchildren, and six great-grandchildren. Following my twenty-five-year career in workers’ compensation claims administration, besides going back to college, I devoted myself to my second marriage to Donald Lindstedt, living in Cannon Beach, Oregon. I published my first novel, Deception Cove, published by Wings ePress in 2010. Following Don’s death in 2014, I moved to Tigard, Oregon to be closer to my family. I am kept busy with my writing and meetings with writers’ groups, I am a member of P.E.O. and play bridge once a week.

Besides my novel, Deception Cove, my fiction honors include third place winner for a poem: Two Ladies of Chedigny for Willamette Writers, Portland. Finalist for short story: Simply to Fly for NW Writers Association contest in Seattle. I presented a paper at the Virginia Woolf Conference, Lewis and Clark University. A guest speaker at the 2011 Shakespeare Authorship Symposium delivering my paper, Shakespeare, Perhaps a Woman.

My non-fiction writing honors include articles published in the Workers Compensation Journal and Risk Management Magazine, and Risk Management Magazine, and contributed a chapter in the book: Work Injury: The Full Spectrum of Management. I also prepared a historical cookbook, “Cooking on the Coast” for Cannon Beach Historical Society.

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Winner of Early 2022 Firebird Book Award

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