Bullets and Bandages: Bond of Brothers by Robert J. Saniscalchi

Bullets and Bandages: Bond of Brothers by Robert J. Saniscalchi.

Raw and Powerful! Bullets and Bandages, was inspired by the stories of a US Army Field Medic, Vietnam 68-69. Through those stories, the author was given the unique insight into the Bullets and Bandages of war. Parts of this book are also about the author’s own experiences, and that time period in our history. This is a work of fiction, a realistic story about the men in war and the bond between them, it is not filled with details and statistics that get in the way of the story The trials and victories of Rob and his comrades pull you into a world of survival through willpower, tenacity, and wit. Bullets and Bandages, a story of love, faith, friendship and humanity. What was it like for our military, and their time of war, as they fought together to survive in the Jungles of Vietnam?

Booksiren’s Review 5-Stars. Feb 15, 2020. It was amazing. Inspired by his own brother’s journey in Vietnam war, Saniscalchi’s military action tells the story of nineteen-year-old Patrick, who flew into Vietnam as a US Army Field Medic in January 1968 and went through ordeals of war exercising his tenacity, willpower, and wit. The remarkable quote: “Courage is fear holding on a minute longer,” begins the narrative and paves the way for a fascinating military action tale that explores the deeper meaning of courage and friendship. Saniscalchi’s hero is an ordinary teenager who is barely trying to survive through tenures of war and that’s what gives authenticity to his voice. Saniscalchi writes in a simple prose and successfully combines the pace and tension of an action thriller with thought-provoking examination of true faith, bonds of friendship, enduring family ties, and what it means to be human. The book will appeal to a wide array of readership, including those uninterested in military action. Thoroughly engrossing!

“Five Stars” Review by Bruce Miller (Team Golfwell Reviews): I was given a complimentary copy of this book. However, that does not in any way influence this review of “Bullets and Bandages: Bond of Brothers” which in my opinion is an excellently written and intriguing story. I enjoyed reading “Bullets and Bandages: Bond of Brothers” which is the 3rd Edition of this exceptional and extremely realistic story by Robert Saniscalchi, who in my opinion, is one of the best historical fiction writers about the real horrors of war. The author writes a fast-paced story putting the reader right into the war and all its horrors. I felt the writing was incredibly realistic, frightening and very honestly portrayed the intensity and immediacy of guerrilla warfare with much more drama than if you watched it all happening on a movie screen. Here is a brief excerpt, “I rolled away, as quickly as possible, and most of the explosion went over me, though I felt a sting in my buttocks and arm; I couldn’t hear anything, except the ringing in my ears.  I stayed low, in firing position, with my rifle at the ready, and as I turned in the direction the grenade had come from, I could see the V.C., looking to see if he had got me.  I fired a burst and he went down. “Their heavy machine-gun fire started again, and I knew we had to take it out. I had the best chance, from my location, so I started to crawl my way to their flank. I found a small ravine and worked around it, drawing closer and closer.  When I felt close enough, I pulled the pin on one grenade, then another. Then, I tossed them both and hit the dirt.” In my opinion, I was refreshed to read the way this brilliant author didn’t overdramatize or exaggerate. It was a unique experience for me to read the realism in this author’s style. He ingeniously and very effectively makes you “Walk the walk” in the same intense manner of many very courageous men whose lives were on the line every second of each patrol. All in all, I liked this book very much and the way this brilliant author simply tells the story created a very lasting impression with me. I give this book loud applause for a story well told and recommend it highly. Very well done!”

Matt McAvoy Rated It 5-Stars. It Was Amazing. Robert has clearly put a huge amount of work into this Vietnam war drama. For somebody who never fought himself, but has written this book as a clear tribute to the brave men who fought and died, with help from his veteran brother, the research and passion he has applied to it is admirably on show for all to see. I have read many Vietnam war memoirs, and I can truly say that this is as authentic an account as you will read from an author who was not present; the terminology, feelings of fear and anger of the men thrown into a strange jungle environment, battle procedure and knowledge are collectively a vast and admirable feat, and I respect Robert hugely for the sheer work ethic which I know has gone into writing it. Robert clearly has a great story to tell, which continues even after the principal character’s tour is over – I have not read a war book written from the viewpoint of the field medic, and it was an interesting and welcome approach. This is an honest book – an important book – highlighting the impact of the horrific and hard-hitting realities of war, which Robert so vividly and artfully depicts. There is exciting action in this book, incredibly well written, with some great set-pieces. The author has created a potential ongoing narrative, suggesting that there is real legroom with this cast of characters to continue their exploits after the Vietnam war – I’d even go as far as to say that the potential of their adventures makes for a promising sequel, which I believe Robert has written, with several other books in the series, which I look forward to reading with anticipation. Robert constructs a good story and develops an endearing lead well – for pure hard work, research ethic and attention to detail, there are not many as conscientious as Robert, and I respect and applaud him sincerely for what he has achieved with Bullets and Bandages.

From the Author: I remember those long rides to my brother’s cabin and his stories about his time as a field medic in Vietnam 68-69. When he finished talking, I thanked God, for he had to have been watching over my brother. Through his stories, I was given the unique insight into the bullets and bandages of war.

Comments and Praise from Readers: “The action is constant and Saniscalchi’s work, as a result, is an action-packed war story, suited to the silver screen.” By Catherine Perkins of the Historical Novel Society. “I believe this book brings honor and glory to those who served in this war (especially the field medics)” by Wayne A. Whitehead.

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Fiction (Action Thriller)
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Thriller & Suspense Action
War (War & Military Action)
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About The Author:  Robert James Saniscalchi was born in Belleville, New Jersey. He has a passion for writing, and stays motivated by the positive feedback and reviews about his books. He’s a married man, a patriot that believes in God and Country. Robert’s roots go back to Italy, no wonder he likes Italian food and good wine. All Sales of his books on Amazon-Smile help support this worthy charity.

Robert is an author, writer, and reader of the known and unknown. He has a passion for using his imagination, and writing from his heart.

Robert is the author of the acclaimed books- The original story that is- Bullets and Bandages, the fictional thriller-My Life, For Her- now in enhanced edition, and his new thriller- Freedom’s Light. Robert enjoys the great outdoors, he truly believes, “The best things in life are free.” Robert’s books are also on ACX-Audible.

Robert is an active member of a variety of online writing and reading communities.

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