ANNIHILATION by Kaylin McFarren

ANNIHILATION by Kaylin McFarren.

Gehenna Dark Fantasy Series Book Two.

With the death of Lucifer, Queen Lucinda assumes control of Hell, ordering her soldiers to prepare for a doomsday war with Heaven. Craving eternal power, she devours the souls of gifted demonic beings, acquiring their abilities to destroy her perceived political enemies.

Meanwhile, the Black Crows meet with the Knights of Darkness in their hidden headquarters, plotting against Lucinda in their efforts to maintain peace and the balance of power. Consumed by hatred over Crighton Daemonium’s unrequited love, Lucinda is unaware of the secret conspiracy brewing, or that Lucifer’s spirit has returned to Hell inside the body of a soul–trapped demon.

Reclaiming his throne, Lucifer punishes his daughter for her act of treason. However, his obsession with Samara, Crighton’s beautiful daughter, leaves him incapable of controlling his stolen body. After forcing her into submission, he names Samara the new Queen of Hell yet continues his authoritarian rule. When an insurgency breaks out on Earth, he becomes distracted long enough for her to be kidnapped by Nexus rebel forces, believing her to be the prophesied savior of their planet.

Is Samara the Phoenix, destined to destroy Lucifer? Or is she his soulmate and the true Queen of Hell?

Awards: 2021-2022 Reader View bronze medal winner in Erotica and Horror categories; 2022 Independent Press Awards Distinguished Favorite in the category of Horror; 2021 Incipere Awards silver medal winner in Romance category; 2021-2022 Global Library Awards Winner

5 Stars: “Satan consumes souls and is coming for yours.”

For those of us who read Soul Seeker by Kaylin McFarren, Annihilation is the long-awaited sequel. Keep in mind that Soul Seeker is the story of a maligning demon told by firefighter, Benjamin Poe. Within the concrete walls of the maximum-security prison, Poe hopelessly waits on death row. His fate marks the beginning of the battle between good and evil, where relationships between humans, angels, and demons do exist.

Author Kaylin McFarren begins Annihilation with a poem, as she does with all of her books, preparing readers for what is about to unfold. “So, latch windows, lock doors, turn on every light, horned demons are coming in the dark of night. Beware of the shadows in long corridors, Satan consumes souls and is coming for yours.” This sets the stage for a frightening, unforgettable tale.

The Prologue for Annihilation begins with the following scene: “The nightmare rushed back into Samara Daemonium’s thoughts, leaving her gasping for air. Tangled up in her sweat-soaked sheets, she stared down at the demon-killing knife half-hidden in her nightstand drawer. A twist of darkness remained tightly coiled around the blade, concealing any trace of blood still clinging to it, but the horrifying memory of how it was used would be seared in her mind forever. Was it only two months ago when it happened? When her world came crashing down?”

As the story progresses, it is the ‘Beginning of the End’ when two regiments of ram-horned, cloven-hoofed demons march through the blazing corridors of Hell in preparation for the Red War against Heaven. McFarren invites you into her dark fantasy, where a demonic community, based on the normality of our human existence, resides in some weird twelfth-dimension universe. This absorbing story focuses primarily on Samara Daemonium, Crighton’s rebellious daughter, and introduces some unforgettable characters along the way. In this second installment in the Gehenna Series, Samara faces the challenges of surviving on Middle Earth and in the Underworld, and believe me, this story isn’t for the faint of heart. In fact, Annihilation is truly absorbing, shocking at times, and virtually impossible to put down!

I invite you to read Annihilation (Gehenna Book 2) by award-winning author Kaylin McFarren, but don’t forget to read Soul Seeker (Gehenna Book 1), which introduces you to this paranormal/supernatural series. Next enjoy her popular Threads psychological thriller series, and finish with her book Flaherty’s Crossing, as we patiently wait for the third book in the Gehenna Series to be written.

Editorial Review (Book Marketing Global Network).

From The Author: The apocalypse was supposed to happen on October 21, 2011. American radio host Harold Camping had arrived at this prescribed date through a series of calculations that he claimed were based on Jewish feast days and the lunar calendar. In addition to his claims about the end of the world, he also predicted that on May 21, 2011, at precisely 6:00 p.m., God’s elect people would be assumed into heaven, in an event he called the Rapture. Those who were not raptured, he said, would have to remain on Earth to wait for their doom five months later. According to media reports, some of his followers quit their jobs, sold their homes, and invested large amounts of money in publicizing Camping’s predictions. When the Rapture did not occur, Camping re-evaluated his predictions saying that the event would take place simultaneously with the end of the world. After October 21, 2011, the self-proclaimed prophet stated that “nobody could know exactly when the time of the apocalypse would come.”

Exactly. So, why do we continue to dwell on the end of time when we’re enjoying the best years of our lives now? When the world stops spinning, hopefully not for at least 5,000 years, we can only pray that future generations appreciate the sacrifices made by past generations, and that the beauty that surrounds them continues to thrive. The creations and inventions that brilliant minds develop on a daily basis will someday surpass anything we’ve imagined possible. In my younger years, there were no cell phones, personal computers, or flat-screen televisions. Now, everything seems to be designed around comfort, flexibility, beauty, and affordability. However, while I’m living and breathing on this planet, poking fun at our “normal” existence and expectations by producing colorful, off-the-wall literature will remain to be my greatest pleasure.

Isn’t it more fun to believe that a demonic community, based on the normality of our human existence, resides in some weird twelfth-dimension universe, welcoming demons, and angels into their fold? This is why I write…simply to stretch the imagination and to thoroughly entertain. —Kaylin McFarren

Product Details:
Gehenna Dark Fantasy Series Book Two
Paperback: ‎523 Pages
Publisher:  Creative Edge Printing LLC (January 3, 2022)
Amanda Tomo Yoshida (Illustrator)
Aimee Long (Editor)
Jodi Henley (Editor)
Language: ‎English
Global Library: Paranormal (Ghost Mystery Thrillers)
Global Library: Paranormal (Mystery)
Global Library: Paranormal (Supernatural)
Global Library: Fantasy (Urban)
Global Library: Fiction (Occult)
Global Library: Fantasy (Dark)

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About The Author: Kaylin McFarren has received 48 national literary awards, in addition to a prestigious Golden Heart Award nomination for FLAHERTY’S CROSSING – a book she and her oldest daughter, New York Times/USA Today best-selling author Kristina McMorris, co-wrote in 2008.

Prior to embarking on her writing journey and developing the popular THREADS psychological thriller series, she poured her passion for creativity into her work as the director of a fine art gallery in the Pearl District in Portland, Oregon; she also served as a governor-appointed member of the Oregon Arts Commission.

When she’s not traveling or spoiling her pups and three grandsons, she enjoys giving back to her community through participation and support of various charitable and educational organizations in the Pacific Northwest, and is currently the president of the Soulful Giving Foundation – a non-profit focused on cancer research, care and treatment at hospitals throughout Oregon.

Fun Tidbits:

Kaylin is proud of the fact that her great aunt Bessie B. Cordell, an evangelistic missionary during WWII, was instrumental in opening an orphanage in Tientsin, China and also wrote two published novels, Precious Pearl and Blossoms of the Flowery Kingdom, documenting her dangerous, harrowing experiences.

She keeps a glass of wine close by while writing love scenes, Kleenex on her desk while writing heart breakers, and has been known to empty a box of chocolates when she’s completely stumped.

A consummate “pantser” and perfectionist, she writes and edits as she goes, and uses photographs of models and actors from tabloid magazines to visualize her characters.

She loves her husband of 46 years dearly. However, if Josh Holloway, Hugh Jackman or Ian Somerhalder came knockin’, well… their marriage just might be put to the test.

On A Personal Note: Kaylin sat before her computer writing Flaherty’s Crossing as a source of personal therapy after losing her beloved father to colon cancer. You might say she was angry at him, at God, at the world in general. However, after writing this story, she had the opportunity to really look into her soul and consider the fact that so many other sons and daughters have had to deal with similar and even worse situations.

Rather than a memoir, her novel evolved into a fictional journey which brought about the resolution she needed to find. She never expected this exercise in writing to go to press, touch lives, or win literary awards. But as a result of her good fortune, she has arranged for proceeds from the sale of this book to go directly to the Providence Medical Foundation’s colon cancer research department in her father’s name. She’s now convinced and proudly shares her belief that good things can grow out of the worst times in our lives if you just take the time to open your heart.

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Gehenna Dark Fantasy Series!

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