Alien Inquisition by Nick Iuppa and John Pesqueira

Alien Inquisition (The Peacemaker Book 2) by Nick Iuppa and John Pesqueira.

In this second installment of The Peacemaker Series, Rhykin, the son of the high priest of an alien planet and heir apparent to his father’s reign, continues his exile on Earth. Meanwhile, supposedly good aliens have agreed to develop a new industry for our planet. Massive production facilities manufacture beautiful dream-endings for those aliens coming to the end of their lives. They are fueled by the energy of sleeping humans, and millions are employed in the endeavor. Victor Encinas, the Peacemaker, is now working as a liaison between Earth and the aliens. He discovers is that, in addition to Dream Factories, the aliens have also created Nightmare Factories which generate horrific worlds that torture and punish political enemies.

After his father’s death, Rhykin finally ascends to power and demands that everyone convert to his depraved religion. Those who will not are sent to the Nightmare Factories. Of course, Rhykin still desires Gaby though she has married Victor and had a son. Victor struggles to protect his wife and all humanity against the alien forces, supporting and then joining a resistance movement dedicated to eradicating Rhykin’s cruel priesthood. Of course, mere resistance cannot stop the monster, and soon it seems that even the Earth itself must play a part.

5 Stars: Guarantee It Will Shake You From Covid-19 Weariness!

Alien Inquisition Book Two in ‘The Peacemaker Series’ has finally arrived. I guarantee it will shake you from your 2021 Covid-19 weariness and shock you into a world filled with Aliens, both good and evil.

Aliens from the previous Iuppa/Pesqueira novel ALIEN MISSION have returned to our planet, supposedly to provide economic security for the Earth. They build DREAM FACTORIES everywhere. The facilities are designed to give an easy sendoff for those advancing in years and approaching the end of their lives. They do this by simulating a beautiful twilight world fueled by the dreams of millions of workers who enter “sleep pods” to provide the simulations with vision and energy.

But what no human has been told is that the aliens have also created NIGHTMARE FACTORIES to punish criminals and political prisoners. Fueled by the nightmares of workers trapped in the role of Hel-dreamers… the aliens’ enemies fall into fiery pits or are attacked by enormous bugs that tear them apart. Then the victims come back to life and go through the same suffering all over again. The simulation continually modifies itself based on dreams of hell, and it seems so deadly-real that some of the Hel-dreamers are murdered by their own nightmares.

The Department of Homeland Security is now handling Interplanetary Affairs, and our hero, Victor Encinas, is made liaison between human resources and their alien supervisors. A very hefty budget comes with the post, and Victor soon learns no one is paying much attention to his use of the funds.

Victor is pleased to return to his family from a tour of the alien facilities. His son, little Gabriel, is excited to see his daddy, and his wife Gaby has a romantic evening planned. But the time of warm embraces can be sidetracked easily. And when his old friend Father Oliver shows up, Victor learns that Rhykin, his alien enemy, has ascended to the position of High Priest. Rhykin insists that all humans convert to his religion, or they will find themselves sentenced to Hel-dreams.  

Victor is at a loss as the Inquisition comes after Gaby, whom Rhykin has desired since the first moment he saw her. But then Victor learns of the Forces of S.A.V.E. (an underground resistance movement) and decides to channel his liaison funds to support SAVE and break the Inquisition. But it isn’t the power of millions of dollars or military might or even the strength of shared dreams that stand strong against the Inquisition in the end. It is something far more fundamental. 

Alien Inquisition runs the gamut from tender romance to heart-stopping horror. The DaVinci Code has nothing on this series, as Authors Iuppa & Pesqueira take you to the distant edges of their incredible vision and leave you wanting more.

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Product Details:
Series: The Peacemaker (Book 2)
Paperback: 283 Pages
Publisher: Independently Published (March 4, 2021)
Language: English
Global Library: Paranormal Horror (Paranormal)

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About The Authors:

Nick Iuppa began his career as an apprentice writer with famed Bugs Bunny/Road Runner animator Chuck Jones and children’s author Dr. Seuss. He later became a staff writer for the Wonderful World of Disney. As VP Creative Director for Paramount Pictures, Nick did experimental work in interactive television and story-based simulations. He is the author of seven novels, Management by Guilt (Fawcett Books 1984—a Fortune Book Club selection) and eight technical books on interactive media. He lives in Northern California with his wife, Ginny.

John Pesqueira studies at the University of Arizona, Columbia, and Stanford prepared him for an impressive career in media design and development. His passion for the visual arts and popular culture continue to inform his creative efforts and still inspire his writing and photography. John grew up in the Sonoran Desert and his love of the history, legends, and people of the American Southwest and Mexico remain a major focus of his work. John lives with his wife in Northern California.

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