A Spooky Wish: A Magic Islands by Irene Edwards

A Spooky Wish: A Magic Islands by Irene Edwards.

‘A Spooky Wish’ is book 1 in the ‘Magic Islands’ series.

Trevor is not known for being serious. In fact, he is best known for the tall tales he spins. He is new in Wales, living with his grandparents, and making friends has been easy. His personality is one that lends itself to laughter, jokes, and many a light-hearted moment between friends. When Trevor and his pals are exploring the beach one day, something happens that changes all of their lives, and Trevor’s love of a good joke is getting in the way of his ability to communicate with the adults around him. When no one believes what you say, how do you tell them your friends disappeared before your very eyes?

The wizards and witches in Edwards’s work transport readers to a fabulously designed land of spells, castles, and absurdly fantastic beings. Page after page, the dragons and monsters continue to keep the story new and refreshing. Combined with the witty exchanges between characters, the wide array of character types makes this an all-around fantastic read for young readers.

Book 1 – A Spooky Wish
Book 2 – Chaos In The Cosmos
Book 3 – The Land Of Now And Then

5 Stars: Magical Read For Children 8-12 Years!

Prologue: ‘Magic Islands’ (Book One):Somewhere along the coast of Wales, there once existed a small group of islands.  They were mysterious islands, often believed to be magical islands. Some were mountainous and craggy, others only undulated from high to low levels, from hillside to valley.

…The islands had few visitors, for the journeys across the seas to these islands were often treacherous, the seas around them being moody and the pathways unclear.

…It is said many ships had vanished in the rough waters and never returned home to Wales. When ships returned homewards, their sailors refrained from venturing again to the islands for they feared the mighty waves and great anger of the choppy seas.

…Ancient mariners often returned telling mystical and magical tales of having spied from a distance a curious clan of magical dwellers on the islands.

…But there was never any proof of such tales.

…As time went by the islands faded and vanished and the tales of the magical islands were soon forgotten, seemingly forever…”

Forgotten until now! Author Irene Edward unlocks the mysteries of these fictitious Islands.

Let me quote from Part 11-‘A Call for Help’:

…“Come on, Megan, let’s become invisible.”

…“This Magical Enchanted Forest is the strangest of places,” Megan glanced through the trees as she spoke. Hundreds of cuckoos called out their cuckoo songs tunefully. The woodpeckers were hammering at branches with their sharp beaks.”

…”Rata-tat! Rata-tat! Rata-tat!”

…Above the children’s heads, hawks and eagles squawked eerily. But although the forest was oddly noisy, the children became alarmed by the trees, for they were not standing still and rooted, but were moving around in the forest, hovering and swaying, pushing and shoving, falling or rushing around in all directions.”

…“It would help us if the trees stayed in one place,” Stefan said nervously.  “How on earth can we keep away from the paths, when the paths keep moving around everywhere?”

My Thoughts: This is a fun read, where character Stefan and Megan make a wish on a Conch shell found on the Welsh coastline. Transported to the ‘Magic Islands’ by their wish, the story-line and beautiful hand-drawn illustrations come to life on the pages.

Never a dull moment as wizards, witches, elves, dragons, castles, and a magical enchanted forest fills the readers imagination.

Children eight to twelve will enjoy reading with an adult or alone. This book will make a great gift, bed-time story, library book, or a summer reading adventure.

The author’s desire to educate children and adults about the preservation of our planet shines through in her books. Irene provides educational guides, free worksheets for classroom and group discussions. (https://cgofwales.co.uk)

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Paperback: ‎292 Pages
Publisher: ‎Independently Published (November 29, 2021)
Language: ‎English
ISBN-13: ‎979-8769580253
Narrative Fantasy/Adventure 8-12 Years

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About Irene Edwards: Irene Edwards is a retired teacher who now writes fantasy fiction for children. As an educator, she taught Primary level in many parts of the UK; London, Essex, Coventry, Midlands, Cardiff, Port Talbot, Swansea and Carmarthenshire. She then qualified as a Teacher of the Deaf at The Lady Spencer Churchill College, Oxford, working at first within unit settings and later moving to peripatetic, for schools and clinics. Knowing how important literature and language was to the structure of speech and language development, on retirement she began to research into the imaginary minds of children and their world of literature and writing. To find out more visit: https://cgofwales.co.uk/

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