A Place By The BAY by Barbara J. Duell

A Place By The BAY by Barbara J. Duell.

A Novel Of Love, Trust And A New Beginning.

M.W. Pilgrim, renowned photojournalist, has spent the last fifteen years ‘shooting war’ in the killing fields worldwide―traveling light―her camera, a .45 semi-automatic and a bottle of Jack all stashed in her backpack. She’s suffered physical wounds and mental anguish, dodging bullets and bureaucrats as she documented the decimation of human life. But she’s always survived until one day in the summer of 1995, Madi finds herself stretched to the limits of endurance while filming the genocide in Bosnia, and her luck runs out.

Severely wounded, she’s evacuated to Landstuhl Medical Hospital in Germany, and her life hangs in limbo until trauma surgeon Neal Baker takes over her care. But common sense and caution have never been her way of life. Barely able to walk, Madi defies her doctors, a decision she soon regrets, and her actions will torment her, even after she returns home only to be caught up in a different kind of war that has invaded the streets of San Francisco, the thrown-aways kids that fight for survival, lost souls the world has forgotten.

Colonel Neal Baker, trauma surgeon, has dedicated his life to medicine. He’s fought anger and fatigue, operating in field hospitals never far from the raging battles lines where the wounded mount, and too many die or go mad.

Reassigned to Landstuhl, he faces another kind of anguish. Gone are the battlefields, but not the wounded who arrived daily, testing his skills and resolve, demanding he put aside his personal life until one night a woman arrives, airlifted from the carnage of Srebrenica―unconscious, broken and bleeding―and his skills are again put to the test.

Doctor-patient relations take on a new meaning as he disregards protocol and becomes infatuated yet frustrated by the tall blonde with penetrating blue-gray eyes. But it’s Madi’s sassy mouth that drives him wild and fuels his desire. Medical orders mean nothing to her; promises are broken, and her determination to do the impossible puts lives in jeopardy.

Blindsided by a passion that builds each day, Neal Baker joins Madi on a journey that speeds past chaos only to end in a final separation. Haunted by desire and doubt, he will travel halfway around the world to find her.

Caught up in her battle to save the lives of the lost and broken, he finds more, an awakening of hope―a gathering of love and pain―then trust that leads to a new beginning.

Review by Brandi Baker: 5.0 out of 5 Stars. EXCELLENT READ!!!! Great book about how being compassionate can change you and so many other lives. It doesn’t even have to be a BIG gesture like the heroine in this book. Anyone can make an impact on others if you just take the time to understand the why and how a person is where they are. This book is also very eye opening about the state and mind set of teenage homelessness. It is well worth reading!

Review by Lori Tucson: 5.0 out of 5 Stars. Excellent Book!! I have read all of Barbara’s books and this one was different than any of her other books. I read this book in 1 week and it was the best. It caught my attention from the first couple of chapters and I couldn’t put it down…. wonderful book!! Can’t wait until the next one!!

Review by Kate: 5.0 out of 5 Stars. Real life scenarios! I have read all of Barbara’s book and this by far is my favorite. It has a lot of things we all can relate to and have seen at some point in our lives- current and past. She also has the perfect amount of “steaminess” between the love interests. Great job!

Review by Amazon Joan Harris: 5.0 out of 5 Stars. A Place by the Bay. This book will keep you reading until you finish. It highlights the Bosnia war and how horrible it was. I cried though it all. The main character and the horrors of PTSD will also help you understand what people go through with PTSD. Barbara Duell is a fantastic writer.

Review by Karen Cafarella: 5.0 out of 5 Stars. Great Book. The story was amazing. Plus bringing to light about PTSD and the thrown away children helps us to remember everyone is fighting a battle we know nothing about.

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Paperback: ‎432 Pages
Publisher: ‎Shadow Wind Publishing (August 31, 2021)
Language: ‎English
War & Military Action Fiction

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About The Author: A Journey To Another Place. International best-selling author, Barbara J. Duell loves to travel around the world, sometimes without ever leaving her home. A history buff, she continues to seek answers as to how we got to where we are today, how different civilizations have changed, usually due to the impact of war.

Barbara can be found each day at her computer, laughing or crying, just tagging along wherever her characters decide to take her. Barbara has lived by the sea, high in the pine forest where eagles soar, in a valley near the river’s edge, and now resides in the delicate land of the southwestern desert.

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