The Magic Islands Series by Irene Edwards

The Magic Islands Series by Irene Edwards.

A Spooky Wish-A Magic Islands (Book One). Centuries ago, there were a group of mysterious, some say magical islands, which fell victim to a monsters’ curse, making them unreachable by sea. The islands were all but forgotten.

But now a group of wicked, exiled Purple Wizards, led by the horrid Izzy Odorous, have found their way to the Magic Islands, and immediately make their evil plans to rule it and its people.

Meanwhile, on a beach in Wales, two friends on a school project have found some very strange items, including a Book of Spells and a magic shell. Wishing they could learn where the items came from, Megan and Stefan are suddenly themselves whisked away to the Magic Islands, where they meet a collection of bizarre characters, including a silly jester, a pair of mean witches, a friendly dragon, a kidnapped king and a powerful, ancient magician. Soon they are all joining forces to stop the Purple Wizards’ wicked plan and lift the islands’ curse forever – and hopefully get the children back home!

A fun and exciting magical adventure for 8-12-year-olds, with an important environmental message.

Chaos In The Cosmos-A Magic Islands Story (Book Two). The second instalment in the fun and exciting Magic Islands fantasy-adventure series for younger children picks up where A Spooky Wish left off – and an even more important environmental message.

Far off the coast of Wales are the mysterious, legendary Magic Islands. Once hidden and inaccessible by the treacherous seas surrounding them, the curse of the Hook-Eyed Cyclops Monsters has now been lifted by Ambrosious, Wizard of the Magic Forest. Now Cyclops leader Domadron is worried that people will come; they will bring their pollution and ruin the beautiful seas he calls home.

But an even bigger threat is brewing, out in the cosmos!

For, exiled into space for their wicked deeds on the Magic Islands, the evil Purple Wizards, and their boss Izzy Odorous are up to their usual evil scheming. And this time their actions threaten the whole of Planet Earth! Because, in their vengeance against Ambrosious and his friends Megan and Stefan, they’ve ended up creating an environmental catastrophe! Can enemies and friends alike put differences aside to stop them?

Chaos in the Cosmos is a fantasy narrative for children aged between 8 to 12 years.

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