The Lady and The Pirate by Bernadette Rowley

The Lady and The Pirate by Bernadette Rowley.

An Epic Fantasy Romance Novel.

Queenmakers Saga Series Book Six.

Two unlikely lovers… the ocean their playground… saved by desire.

AN IMPOVERISHED NOBLEWOMAN. Lady Esta Aranati will do anything to ensure the safety of her estate and its people, even to smuggling on the high seas. She leads a double life, a mask and wig the only shields that protect her reputation. A DARING PIRATE. Samael Delacost roams the ocean, living off the hard work of others, ignoring the voice that whispers ‘you don’t belong’. Until one night, Sam boards Esta’s ship and discovers she’s no easy prey.

Thrown together by a treasure hunt, the unlikely partners strike sparks off each other. Against her better judgment, Esta tries to help Sam find his mother, but what she discovers will change their lives forever. Can Sam and Esta find their way through danger, political intrigue and societal rules to forge a life together? Or will their differences and their pasts dictate the future?

A swashbuckling fantasy romance, begun on the high seas but sealed in the King’s Court

The Lady and the Pirate is the sixth book in the epic Queenmakers Saga, combining the sweeping high fantasy world of Thorius with sizzling romance. If you like magic, political intrigue and sexy pirates, wrapped up in an adventure on the high seas, then you’ll adore The Lady and the Pirate.

This book contains sex scenes and is intended for mature readers.

5 Stars: Unlikely Lovers, Saved by Desire!

Amazing story telling by Bernadette Rowley brings the reader into Lady Esta Aranati’s double life.

I think you will benefit from the meaning of these two terms upfront. Lenweri (the elven people, they have dark skin, pointed ears and are tall and elegant) and Sis Lenweri (the faction of dark elves that wishes to take over the kingdom of Thorius).

Chapter one opens with some suspense aboard the ‘Sea Sprite’ when captain, Lady Esta Aranti’s first mate wakes her up from deep sleep to inform her they have a visitor on board. I quote: “Esta drew a deep and heavy sigh, her heart kicking up a notch as she contemplated who the visitor might be. On a ship mile out to sea at night, there were few possibilities and none of them good.”

In chapter three the mood shifts and I quote:

…Esta moved to the bow and stood with the wind in her face, the black strands of her wig streaming behind her. It was chill but not wet and she reveled in the dance of her ship over the waves. Sea Sprite was one of the joys of her life and sailing one of her great loves. When she was on the ocean, she was free of earthly ties and a little of its wildness seeped into her, giving her strength for the trials of estate life. Lately, she had found it almost impossible to return to the estate without a nagging sense of dread.

…You seem almost happy tonight, sister,” Katrine said, joining her in the bow. Katrine was wildness personified, with a lithe body and long black hair that she rarely tied back. Not for her the wig as she had less need for a full disguise, shunning public life as she did. She wore leather breeches, flowing black shirts and a broad black satin mask decorated with stars. Her piercing blue eyes were now fixed on Esta.

…I am happy, Katrine,” Esta said. “What makes you think I am ever unhappy?

I invite you to join Katrine and Esta as they sail the sea with visions of finding treasure on their minds.

I hope the quotes above whet your appetite for strong female characters, rugged men, pirates, treasure maps, adventure, sword and sorcery and of course romance. All eight books in the Queenmakers series stands-alone, so jump right into the fantasy world of Author Bernadette Rowley.

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Paperback: ‎222 Pages
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Language: ‎English
Fantasy (Action & Adventure)
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Fantasy (Epic Romance)
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About Bernadette Rowley: Bernadette Rowley is an Australian epic fantasy romance author who is also a veterinarian. After flirting with picture books, junior fiction and space opera, Bernadette was challenged to write a romance in 2011 and she hasn’t looked back.

First published by Penguin Australia and then Pan Macmillan Australia, Bernadette is now an independently published author. The Queenmakers Saga contains eleven books spanning the genres of fantasy romance and romantic fantasy.

Her favorite tropes are enemies to lovers, forced proximity and forbidden romance. Strong themes include the horse/human bond and healing.

When not at her desk, Bernadette can be found absorbed in a good romance or romantic suspense, swimming, walking, or having coffee with friends.

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