Sons and Brothers by David W. Thompson

Sons and Brothers by David W. Thompson.

Legends of the Family Dyer Book 3.

Sons and Brothers continues the tradition of its award-winning predecessors in the “Legends of the Family Dyer” trilogy.

This third installment, although stand-alone, follows the descendants of the accused 17th century witch, Moll Dyer. Another century has passed and divergent family lines are reunited. Two cousins from different backgrounds, Garren and Brodie, meet at a camp in the Potomac highlands. One hails from the flatlands of Southern Maryland; the other calls the mountains of West Virginia home.

The Dyer family’s ancestral foe, the dark entity Laris, doesn’t care where they came from because he knows who they came from. Disguising his intentions, he has one last chance to complete Lilith’s demonic hit. Three friends oppose the ancient evil: Anna—a hesitant Native American spiritualist, Lenore—a teenager discovering shape-shifting abilities, and Garren—a regular teenage guy with too much to lose…and plenty to gain.

The terrors of the past are revisited and the corruption of the past seeps into the present. The friends embark on a life and death challenge with help from Anna’s spirit guide. All three, a “hero triumvirate,” embrace their newfound talents in an attempt to save their loved ones from the encroaching darkness. In this often bloody and heart wrenching tale, dark family secrets are revealed, temptation is embraced and the circle of life is renewed.

Does love conquer hate? Should some truths remain untold? Can some sins not be forgiven? What would you do?

Review From Prairies Book Reviews: A gratifying read… “The third installment in Legends of the Family Dyer follows the descendants of accused 17th century witch, Moll Dyer and see cousins, Garren and Brodie, fall prey to Laris’s sinister darkness. Their only chance is Garren’s spiritual friend Anna, the shape-shifter Lenore, and Bridget. But will the trio succeed before the demon completes Lilith’s demonic hit? Thompson writes with passion, and he is as adept at depicting profound emotions of loss, grief, and love as he is at conceiving a dark world infused with evil. The characterization shines as Thompson’s characters fight their inner dilemmas and tragedies from past. Thompson’s exploration of the darker side of supernatural along with the positive will inspire readers to look at his other works as well. A taut, gripping tale!”

Customer Review: 5 Stars. A Mystic Thriller! There are so many different aspects to this book, from family sagas to magical realms and science fiction to modern fantasy. If you are looking for a book that gives you more than one genre, then you are absolutely going to fall in love with this book. I could give this book to most of my friends who like different types of books, and they all could find something they enjoy in this story.

Well, I really enjoyed this book. The author writes at a lovely leisurely pace and yet the story builds and builds until you’re on the end of your seat towards the end. Great read!”

Product Details:
Book 3 of 3: Legends of the Family Dyer
Paperback: 290 Pages
Fantasy (Paranormal and Urban)
Fantasy (Dark)

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About David W. Thompson: David W. Thompson is an award-winning author, a native of Southern Maryland, and a graduate of University of Maryland, University College. David’s love of the written word began early in life. He claims his first writing effort was “Dick and Jane” fan fiction when he was six years old- no doubt with a dark twist!

After his family and cheesecake, reading was his first love. It exposed him to people, cultures and ideas he’d never experience otherwise. Writing was a natural extension of this “out of body” experience as characters act as tour guides to their worlds, and their possibilities. He hopes to honestly convey the stories that they whisper in his ears.

When he isn’t writing, Dave enjoys time with his family and grandchildren, kayaking (mostly flat water please), fishing, hiking, archery, wine-making, and pursuing his other “creative passion”- woodcarving.

Often bloody, habitually dark, always original!

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