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Spinnaker by Sabato DiVincenti.

An Endearing Romance Novel Entwined with Suspense and Espionage.

SPINNAKER is a thrilling tale of romance, weaving fiction, and fact in an intriguing mystery, adding drama and suspense while intertwining espionage within the characters’ lives. Chapter after chapter you will join in on incredible and bizarre events and follow a passionate love affair along with grim details of murder and revenge.

5 Stars: Riveting WWII Drama, centered around an endearing love story, matched by intrigue, espionage, suspense, surprises, that will keep you turning the page. This novel is an intriguing mystery that adds drama, fantasy, and suspense while intertwining espionage within the characters’ lives.  Chapter after chapter you will join in on incredible and bizarre turn of events and follow a passionate love affair, with grim details of torture, murder, and revenge.

The story opens on a hot June afternoon in Milwaukee, 1939. A young seventeen-year-old man (named Karl), the son of German immigrants, stands in line at the United States Army Air Corps recruiting station. Thirty-nine hundred miles away, in London England, June 1939; a young nineteen-year-old girl (named Katarina) arrives from Germany to attend the University of London and begin her studies.

For Karl (U.S. Army Air Force pilot) his bombing mission over occupied Germany begins on January 27 1943. He is piloting a US Army Air Force lead scout aircraft ahead of an initial wave of B17 bombers.  His plane suffers a catastrophic mechanical failure.  Karl ejects, then falls helplessly to the ground following the failure of his parachute.  The story begins to unfold.  The plot takes many unexpected twists and turns with unpredictable suspense and turmoil. This is an amazing journey behind enemy lines during WWll.  With the help of the underground, Karl is able to penetrate the German High Command.

Let me bring you into the story here: When things go terribly wrong, Karl finds himself rescued by a Katarina. Katarina Keitel is a young German farm girl; the daughter of a German officer Gerhardt Keitel, who stands against Hitler and the Third Reich. She discovers the near death, battered, and broken body of an American soldier.  She hides him and nurtures him back to health.  Karl heals, their kind-heartedness and friendship become more, and ultimately, they fall deeply and passionately in love. 

Danger is all around, to make matters worse, Katarina has a brother named Wilhelm; a Nazi SS officer with an extreme alliance to the Nazi Party, the Third Reich, to Hitler, and to Hitler’s Army. As Karl heals, the war continues into the Springtime, and his relationship with Katarina starts to blossom.

“The days turn into weeks, weeks into months, and the war continues. Springtime, April 19. Katarina brings Karl food every day, spending all day with him. His wounds are healed, and he is doing much better. His leg still gives him pain. He is up and walking with a cane; yet has a limp. In the mornings they venture out of the barn together to enjoy the fresh air and listen to the birds chirping. The feel of morning dew is fresh, the fog is lifting from the valley. One morning Karl is walking alone and notices a patrol vehicle in the next field over. He knows they are looking for him. Katarina is due to come by anytime. Karl is afraid they will see her but cannot warn her. Katarina has breakfast with her mother, it is Anna’s birthday…”

Karl feels he is endangering Katarina and her family and wants to return to England. Katarina begs him to stay with her. Katarina’s father has a plan for Karl to remain in Germany. Through Gerhardt and the Underground Movement, Karl goes undercover as a German Officer and penetrates the German High Command and becomes a trusted officer. As their love grows deeper, Karl becomes entangled in a bitter sibling rivalry with Katarina’s toxic brother.  Karl and Katarina’s love and their journey together unfold with joyful surprises coupled with bone chilling and harrowing twists.

Karl is a hero. After the war he continues to use his knowledge and experiences to serve his country well, by teaching recruits how to infiltrate the enemy government. Your mind will get lost in the action and you will not be able to put it down. Both men and women will thoroughly enjoy this book. There is action drama, with sweet romance.

The Author reveals suspense and espionage through eerie events changing the paths of young Karl and Katarina’s lives forever.  The surprising turn of events will keep you infectiously engaged to see where and how the story ends.  Seeking to create a great balance of genre, he braided multiple plots into one compelling story.  This is a page turner as the suspense continues.  The reader finds themselves feeling and living the characters, unable to put this novel down.

This novel often takes the reader back to normalcy, before capturing them with more unexpected events.  The ending will leave the reader with questions, astonishment, and disbelief.  They will be literally taken back.  A novel unlike any other, one soon not to forget.

Join Karl and Katarina in their journey together…prepare yourself for the unexpected. Now it is up to you, to see how things turn out for Karl and Katarina.

Author Sabato DiVincenti’s inspiration comes from various vintage television wartime series, World War II movies, and espionage films. ‘Spinnaker’ is Sabato debuts novel, intertwining personal and memorable experiences. I know we will see more from Sabato DiVincenti in the future. Personally, I can hardly wait.

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Product Details:
Print Length: ‎280 Pages
Publisher: ‎Archway Publishing (June 20, 2021)
Language: ‎English
Fiction (Suspense-Action)
Fiction (War & Military Action)
Romance (Historical 20th Century)
Romance (WWII)
Historical Fiction (WWII)

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About The Author: Sabato DiVincenti is a husband, father, and grandfather whose writing is inspired from various vintage television wartime series, World War II movies, and espionage films. He resides with his wife Paula in Florida. By day Sabato enjoys a successful career as an executive in heavy civil construction. He is self-taught and prides himself on mentoring and sharing his knowledge with others. By night his mind drifts into the world of fiction. Join Sabato as he debuts his first novel, intertwining personal and memorable experiences into a story of romance, drama, intrigue, espionage, and suspense. He meticulously and thoughtfully created this exceptionally written love story. His creativity takes the reader beyond expectations with a page turning plot set during World War II. As his love story unfolds, DiVincenti’s mind wanders with immense imagination narrating the lives of Karl and Katarina. Eerie events occur which changes the path of the young couple’s lives forever. Turning the pages becomes infectious as the reader follows their journey to its conclusion.

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