Revenge In Barcelona by Kathryn Lane

Revenge In Barcelona by Kathryn Lane.

A Nikki Garcia Mystery.

Nikki Garcia, a private investigator, escapes to Spain with Eduardo, her fiancé, after a death threat on her last assignment. She puts the past behind her and turns the trip to Barcelona into her destination wedding.

A week later, Nikki and the love of her life find themselves caught up in a terrorist attack at one of the city’s major tourist attractions. As events unravel, Nikki discovers she is being stalked. Worse yet, she may have been the target of the deadly bombing.

The newlyweds must navigate behind Spain’s legal and law enforcement systems to uncover the sinister person threatening Nikki.

Weaving their way through Barcelona to get facts, Nikki and Eduardo further endanger their lives upon discovering a series of suspects, from flamenco dancers to foreign nationals. Will they be able to locate the would-be assassin and outsmart him before it’s too late?

If you love women sleuths and the mystery and suspense novels of John Grisham, Kristi Belcamino, and Isabella Maldonado, you will also love Silver Falchion Award-Winning Author Kathryn Lane’s Nikki Garcia Mystery Series.

The novel is deftly plotted and masterfully written. — Christian Sia, Readers’ Favorite

Review by Michelle Jacobs, US Review: What begins as a romantic getaway to Barcelona for Nikki Garcia and her fiancé soon turns into a fight for her life with her enemies closing in fast to settle past scores. Nikki is no stranger to threats on her life and to using her wits to confront danger, so she is well-matched against the terrorists in this high-octane thriller. With international sites and multicultural flair, readers will be transported into a world of beauty and intrigue. From Morocco to the intimate corners of Barcelona, the suspense builds as Nikki closes in on villains and assassins devoted to their sinister mission. Deftly plotted with close calls, near escapes, and murderous plans, this ride never lets up from beginning to satisfying end.

Revenge in Barcelona by Kathryn Lane is a spellbinding novel that will entice fans of thrillers and sleuth stories. Kathryn Lane begins the story in the midst of action, with the protagonist arriving at her destination. It is not long before disaster strikes and Nikki begins to sense that her life is in danger. The premise is strong and it becomes even stronger because of the background of the protagonist — a former international fraud auditor. It is hard to determine who is after her, knowing that her work often places her in the position to make many enemies. Revenge in Barcelona is quickly paced and the plot points are very strong. I enjoyed the fact that the key characters easily find themselves in dangerous situations. There is a lot of suspense as Nikki works hard to find out who is targeting her and why. The novel is deftly plotted and masterfully written. Readers Favorite

I highly recommend Revenge in Barcelona. A thrilling story with a well-researched plot – it’s easily 5 Big Stars. Reader Views

From The Back Cover: Back Cover: Praise for Revenge in Barcelona Revenge in Barcelona by Kathryn Lane is a spellbinding novel that will entice fans of thrillers and sleuth stories. Protagonist Nikki Garcia, a private investigator, is running for her life after a death threat while on assignment in Mexico. When she arrives in Barcelona with her fiancé, Eduardo Duarte, she is confident danger has been left behind.

Soon, Nikki begins to sense that her life is in danger from a new angle. The premise is strong and becomes even stronger because of the protagonist’s background–a former international fraud auditor. It is hard to determine who is after her, knowing that her work often places her in the position to make many enemies. Revenge in Barcelona is quickly paced and the plot points are very strong. Suspense mounts as Nikki works hard to find out who is targeting her and why.

The novel is deftly plotted and masterfully written. Reviewed By Christian Sia for Readers’ Favorite

What Amazon readers are saying about the Nikki Garcia Mysteries:
“What a story! Best book I have read in a very long time.”
“Mystery, love, healing – all taking place in a foreign location.”
“From beginning to end keeps you on the edge-of-your-seat.”
“Loved the intricately woven plot and layers of subplots.”
“I read this book twice. The first time I couldn’t put it down. The second time I was transformed to the sights of a real place and its history.”
“This is a page-turning thriller with twist after heart-wrenching twist.”
“We are entertained while we visit new and exotic places.”
The page-turning suspense of the Nikki Garcia novels is sure to capture you!

5 Stars: Exciting Mystery Crime Thriller!

I am positive that Author Kathryn Lane’s career as an International Finance Executive and her extensive knowledge with Latin American culture, brought Nikki Garcia (main character) to life in this exciting mystery crime thriller.

Kathryn educates her readers in the regular and famous places in Barcelona, Arabic words and phrases, Romani words, and Spanish/Catalan words and phrases. Her extensive list of characters (in the beginning of the novel) will help you relate early as the story unfolds.

Once you begin, you will not put this well written, fast paced mystery down. Chapter one begins at the airport baggage claim in Barcelona Spain. From the start, Nikki Garcia draws you into her situation and her romantic relationship with her fiancé, Eduardo Duarte, who is a Colombian citizen and medical doctor.

Let me bring you into Nikki’s secret investigation in Chapter 30. Nikki is at the Barcelona Majestic Hotel.

…“Attired in a housekeeper’s uniform and long black wig, Nikki looked in the mirror to make certain she had not left telltale streaks in the makeup that darkened her face and arms. Slipping on a set of glasses with heavy dark frames and lightly shaded lenses Floyd had provided as part of her disguise, she found they sat heavy on the bridge of her nose. Yet they further transformed her appearance, so she kept them on. Her last step included tucking the special mobile phone Floyd had provided into her apron pocket.

…Eduardo, in his maintenance coverall, had been watching Nikki. He called Floyd. “We’re ready.”

…“All clear.” Nikki could just make out Floyd’s voice over the phone. “I’ll meet you at the service elevator.”

…“Roger, roger,” Eduardo responded.

…“Roger?” Nikki repeated, chuckling as they walked toward the service elevator in the hallway where the emergency stairwell was also located.

…“Where did you learn that?”

…“Floyd. He said pilots and short-wave radio operators use it.”

…“Your accent makes it sound sexy,” Nikki said.

…They stepped out of the elevator into the plain service hallway, Nikki pushing the housekeeping cart. Floyd opened the door to the richly carpeted hall that guests used and checked for people. When he saw no one, he motioned them through. He would serve as lookout in the hallway near the door to the emergency stairs.

…Nikki used the passkey to open the door. With trepidation, she stepped into a dim foyer and pulled the cart in behind her. Without turning a light on, she continued into a living room. She stopped cold when she heard shrieking.

…An angry cat?”

…It is at this point that I will let you discover for yourself, what is making that awful sound and how much danger they might be in?

Author Kathryn Lane has also written ‘Waking Up in Medellin’ (Book One In The Nikki Garcia Thriller Series), ‘Coyote Zone’ (Book Two In The Nikki Garcia Thriller Series), ‘Revenge In Barcelona’ (Book Three In The Nikki Garcia Thriller Series) and a short story collection titled ‘Backyard Volcano: And Other Mysteries Of The Heart’.

Editorial Review (Book Marketing Global Network).

Product Details:
Part Of: A Nikki Garcia Thriller (4 Books)
Paperback: ‎258 Pages
Publisher: ‎Tortuga Publishing, LLC (May 29, 2020)
Language: ‎English
Adult Readers: Fiction (Hispanic American Literature)
Adult Readers: Mysteries (International Mystery & Crime)
Adult Readers: Mysteries (Amateur Sleuths)
Adult Readers:  Mysteries (Women Sleuths)
Adult Readers: Thrillers (Mystery & Crime)

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About Kathryn Lane: Kathryn Lane, award-winning author of the Nikki Garcia Thriller series, sets her novels and short stories in foreign countries and exotic places.

Kathryn credits her imagination to growing up in Mexico, a country which was rich in storytelling and steeped in cultural traditions. Her creativity was first expressed by painting in oils and when reality of earning a living set in, she studied accounting and finance, and joined a multinational corporation where she attained her dream job of traveling abroad.

After two decades in the corporate world and having visited over 90 countries, Kathryn left to fulfill a second dream – writing mystery and suspense novels.

Fans of strong female protagonists and suspenseful stories are likely to enjoy Kathryn’s work. The Nikki Garcia thrillers include:

Missing in Miami – the latest release in the Nikki Garcia Mystery series. Launch Feb 23, 2022.

Revenge in Barcelona – Silver Winner, Mystery/Thriller, Reader Views, 2019-2020. Finalist in the 2020 Eric Hoffer Book Awards. Also, Finalist in the Next Generation Book Awards for 2020.

Waking Up in Medellin – named Best Fiction Book of the Year 2017 by Killer Nashville. Also available in Spanish edition “Despertando en Medellin”

Danger in the Coyote Zone – first place winner in the Action/Adventure category in Latino Books into Movies 2018. It was also a finalist in the Thriller category at Killer Nashville 2018.

Kathryn’s short story collection, Backyard Volcano and Other Mysteries of the Heart, was named Best Short Story Collection 2018 by Killer Nashville.

Kathryn and her husband, Bob Hurt, split their time between Texas and the mountains of northern New Mexico.

Award winning author Kathryn Lane’s debut novel, Waking Up in Medellin (in the Nikki Garcia Thriller Series from Pen-L Publishing) won:

  • Silver Falchion for Best Fiction Book of the Year 2017 by Killer Nashville.
  • Silver Falchion for Best Fiction Adult Suspense 2017 by Killer Nashville.
  • Pinnacle Fiction Achievement Award (Fall 2016) by National Association of Book Entrepreneurs.
  • 2nd Runner Up for the RONE Award (Mystery category 2017) by Ind’tale Magazine.
  • Silver Medal for the Readers Favorite Book Awards (2017 Fiction Thriller).

The second novel in the Nikki Garcia Thriller Series, Coyote Zone, presents you with:

  • High stakes danger in a kidnapping and human trafficking story.
  • Other subplots woven into the plot, such as romance, making this an exciting read.
  • The International Thriller Writers (ITW) Magazine “Big Thrill” provides an advanced review.

Kathryn’s collection of short stories, Backyard Volcano, (from Alamo Bay Press) will give you:

  • A fusion between fantasy and reality.
  • Symbolism, punctuated by hints of surrealism.
  • Stories with unusual twists and turns – events in everyday life in Latin cultures.

Additionally, her short stories have been published by:

  • The Texas A&M New Border Voices: An Anthology.
  • Arriba Baseball! From VAO Publishing.
  • Swirl Literary Journal from Lone Star College-Montgomery Campus.
  • Alamo Bay Writers Anthology.
  • The Association of Writing & Writing Programs (AWP) featured Kathryn as a reader on the panel of Arriba Baseball! In Seattle in February 2014.

Kathryn’s activities in poetry include:

  • Serving on the panel of judges at Carver High School in Houston, Texas, for their finals in the Poetry Out Loud contest.
  • Being published in numerous anthologies, journals.
  • Two chapbooks, A Conversation on India and Spirit Rocks.

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