My Life At Sweetbrier by Deanie Humphrys-Dunne

My Life At Sweetbrier: A Life Changed by Horses by Deanie Humphrys-Dunne.

What if you grew up on a horse farm and your single passion was to become a champion horseback rider?

The problem is, you were born with a disability. Doctors tell your parents you’ll never walk, let alone ride.

What will happen next?

What does her dad do that changes her life?

Will a failed racehorse and a handicapped girl become a winning team?

This is the author’s true story of her journey. Even if Deanie prevails, will she find exactly the right horse to help her win?

“Beautiful book and the illustrator did a marvelous job! We plan to give Wilbur much deserved exposure in the coming year.” ~Theodocia McLean, Book Marketing Global Network

Review by Emily Jane Hills-Orford (5 Stars): “This is Deanie’s story. My Life at Sweetbrier: A Life Changed by Horses is a motivating memoir by a remarkable horsewoman, Deanie Humphrys-Dunne. The memoir is written to inspire readers of all ages to work towards their goals, their dreams, and to never give up…A powerful message of compassion and determination.” for Reader’s Favorite

Review by Christine, from Equus Education: “This story is a beautiful one of persistence and never giving up on your dreams. The fact that it is based on her real life is sure to inspire readers. As it says in My Life at Sweetbrier, Deanie wants children to remember never to give up on their dreams because anything is possible if you don’t give up… It includes some great photos of the people and horses in the book.  My Life at Sweetbrier is a delightful read that is sure to inspire and encourage.”

5 Star Review by SonataSM: “The style is delightful, teaching lessons on owning a horse and on riding and jumping plus explaining terms as you go along. Definitions are woven into the story seamlessly. Along the way, you can’t miss the lessons in family love, encouragement and loyalty. The last chapter brings this all together with encouraging each child to persevere through all of life’s trial and tribulations. The pictures of the farm, you and the horses help the reader remember this is not a novel, but a true story of someone who overcame great odds. Your teacher mode came out with the questions and answers at the end. All aspects were well thought out and brought together so well. I highly recommend “My Life at Sweetbrier: A Life Changed by Horses”.”

Review by Literary Titans, Thomas Anderson: “I loved that the author included family photographs and pictures of the house and barns at Sweetbrier and the horses owned by the Humphrys Family while Deanie was growing up. There were also pictures of the Humphrys sisters jumping at various horse shows. This is an inspirational story that excellently conveys the moments and emotions of Deanie’s life. This book invites readers into a personal story, one that is told boldly, and I appreciated it.”

Review by Kris Miller, Top Shelf Magazine: “A children’s book that should be within every classroom.”

5 Star Review by Hollie Anne Marsh: “This book is truly inspiring and I couldn’t put it down. I think it is a lovely book for children, adults, horse lovers and people that love inspiring true stories.”

5 Star Review by K Nhin: “This book is great in that it incorporates the author’s lessons learned in life. Awesome book!”

5 Star Review by Meilssa Johns: “A story about a miracle, persistence and courage. Although the relationship between Deanie and her horses make for a charming children story, the greatest value the book offers is the idea of persistence. Deanie faced a lot of challenges, and though she cried at times, fell down many times, she was determined and had the heart of a champion. This book is a great chapter book for children 8 and older to learn about overcoming difficulty, adversity, sadness and rising above and never feel defeated. Each challenge makes us stronger. Life is truly a lesson. I think this is a great birthday or Christmas gift for any child. I really enjoyed reading it. I give this book 5 stars. It is well written, engaging, detailed, and nicely illustrated. Although the message was very clear, the author ensures the reader gets it by having a final chapter called Pearls of Wisdom and follows up with reading comprehension questions that the author calls a quiz, the answers so that children can check their understanding and the biography.”

5 Star Review by Debra Cox: “I was moved by this inspirational true story. My motto is also, ‘Never give up,’ and now, I’m certain, it’s definitely the right attitude to have in life. Children will be motivated to try their best, definitely recommending it!”

Review by Beth Kallman Werner: “This book is amazing. No wonder it won so many awards. If you have children or buy gifts for children, especially anyone who loves animals and horses, buy this book and the others by this author.”

5 Star Review by Tina Collins: “Deanie Humphrys-Dunne has written such a heart-warming true account of her life with her family and horses. With her family’s encouragement and the partnerships, she develops with her ponies, she works through the difficulties that come her way. It’s hard not to love this novel simply because of the will to succeed of its author. Such an inspiring read!”

5 Star Review by Debra Cox: “Life is tough, sometimes. But, Deanie Humphrys-Dunne proves to readers in My Life at Sweetbrier, that if they persevere, anything is possible. The author encourages children to set goals and reach for their dreams, as one day they may even beat the odds, like she did.”

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Paperback: 142 Pages
Publisher: Monday Creek Publishing (May 13, 2017)
Language: English
Biography (Memoirs)

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About The Author: Deanie Humphrys-Dunne is a Mom’s Choice award-winning children’s author. She has written seven award-winning books; “My Life at Sweetbrier, “Charlie the Horse,” “Charlene the Star,” “Charlene the Star and Hattie’s Heroes,” “Charlene the Star and Bentley Bulldog, Tails of Sweetbrier, and “A Tractor Named Wilbur.” Deanie’s first book, “Tails of Sweetbrier” is out of print.

All of the fictional stories are told by the adorable animal characters and beautifully illustrated by her sister, Holly Humphrys-Bajaj. All books are also on Audible.

Deanie is pleased to announce her books are now featured on Roku/Family Circle TV. Her books are also on audio: Be sure to get your copies today to enjoy these award-winning books that inspire your children. Don’t forget to follow her here so you don’t miss any news.

For a complete list of Deanie’s awards, please visit her website:

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When Deanie’s not writing, she loves spending time with her family, watching baseball, and equestrian events.

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