Deadly Depths by John F. Dobbyn

Deadly Depths by John F. Dobbyn.

A notable archaeologist, close to finding a priceless artifact, meets his untimely demise— Matthew Shane vows to find his murderer.

Matthew Shane is a law professor in Salem, Massachusetts, where he enjoys a rewarding mentorship with Professor Barrington Holmes, a well-known archaeologist. So when Professor Holmes is found dead in his office and the police rule it a suicide, something doesn’ t sit right with Matthew. He becomes determined to find the true cause of Holmes’ death and bring closure to his widow.

Matthew soon learns that Professor Holmes belonged to a group of notable archaeologists dubbed “ The Monkey’ s Paw,” who were all entangled in an expedition to find an unknown object of unprecedented historical and financial value. Each member had been given one piece of the instructions to find the object, but some of the men had encountered horrific twists of fate before the group could reunite to continue in their search. Joining forces with the remaining members, Matthew’ s quest for the cause of the apparent curse of The Monkey’ s Paw leads him on a global wild goose chase that culminates in a turn of events not even Professor Holmes could have predicted.

Perfect for fans of Michael Crichton and Dan Brown.

Synopsis Of Deadly Depths: The death by bizarre means of his mentor, Professor Barrington Holmes, draws Mathew Shane into the quest of five archeologists, known to each other as “The Monkey’s Paws”, for an obscure object of unprecedented historic and financial value.  The suspected murders of others of the Monkey’s Paws follow their pursuit of five clues found in a packet of five ancient parchments.  Shane’s commitment to disprove the police theory of suicide by Professor Holmes carries him to the steamy bayous of New Orleans, the backstreets of Montreal, the sunken wreck of a pirate vessel off Barbados, and the city of Maroon descendants of escaped slaves in Jamaica. By weaving a thread from the sacrificial rites of the Aztec kingdom before the Spanish conquest of Mexico through the African beliefs of Jamaican Maroons and finally to the ventures of Captain Henry Morgan during the Golden Era of Piracy in his conquest and sacking of Spanish cities on the Spanish Main, Shane reaches a conclusion he could never have anticipated.

Blue Star Reviews

Review by Traveler46 Tucson, AZ: 5 Out Of 5 Stars. Intriguing! What’s not to like in this story: good adventure story; intrigue; good plot development; great characters? This novel seems to have it all. The story is pretty simple; a law professor Matthew Shane, is good friends with a former professor, Barrington Holmes, who has become like a surrogate father. Holmes is a renowned archeologist.

Holmes turns up dead from an apparent suicide and thus the story begins. Matt is not sure his friend and mentor was suicidal. In trying to uncover the truth, there is high and wide-ranging adventures taking the former military investigator now lawyer across the globe.

In his quest, Matt discovers a group of fellow archeologists called the “Monkey’s Paw.” These men, Matt believes can help; when they also start turning up dead there is something larger going on. The story ranges from voodoo activities in Louisiana to the Caribbean islands where former captives escaped and on to Marseilles and Montreal.

There is some connection with the former pirate Henry Morgan, a Welsh privateer with marque from the King of England to harass the Spanish ships coming from Central and South America and plunder their stolen gold and silver. There is a riddle to be solved involving Morgan and this riddle leads Shane on a wild chase across the globe.

A really good story that is so much fun to read and try to solve the riddle/enigma before Matt Shane can do so. Along the way Shane finds what may be love — but this side story is also potentially devastating. To find out how this turns out, I definitely recommend it to the reader.

I received a pre-publication copy for an unbiased review from NetGalley.

Review by Janet Hutchings, Editor, Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine: Deadly Depths gives readers characters they care about and gets hearts pumping as the mystery and adventure unfold!

Review by Foreword Reviews: Deadly Depths is an exciting mystery novel that asks who has the right to seek and exploit lost treasures.

Review by Steve Berry, New York Times Best-Selling Author: This rapid pace adventure [High Stakes] delivers equal quantities of action, history, secrets, and conspiracies. Definitely an entertaining romp.

Review by Lisa Scottoline, New York Times Best-Selling Author: John Dobbyn knows how to write a thriller, with intriguing characters, well-timed wit, and suspense that doesn’t quit.

James Rollins, New York Times Best-Selling Author: John F. Dobbyn’s thriller Fatal Odds does everything right: a nail-biting plot to keep you turning pages, characters that shine brighter with every twist and turn, and a ripped-from-the-headlines authenticity that will leave you shocked. Here is a novel that expertly mixes thrills and smarts and will have you clamoring for more from this author. I know I want more.

Review by Publishers Weekly: Knight has a sharp wit and a gift of gab that he uses to exploit the enmity between and within the rival gangs . . . it’s difficult to believe that anything terrible could happen to a clever lad flashing so much good old Irish blarney.

Review by Library Journal: Readers of early John Grisham and Jeremiah Healy will enjoy Dobbyn’s debut [Neon Dragon] for his insider knowledge of the legal system and the defense strategy his protagonists use in court.

Review by Linda Landrigan, Editor in chief of Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine: Once again, John F. Dobbyn grounds thrilling action in a fascinating subject—in this case, a possible lost cultural treasure linked to the historical Dracula. Attorney Michael Knight relies on quick wits, strong friendships, and deep personal integrity in globe-hopping engagements with Russian and Chinese gangs. High Stakes is spellbinding from page one to the end.

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Hardcover: ‎320 Pages
Publisher: ‎Oceanview Publishing (August 1, 2023)
Language: ‎English
Amateur Sleuths
Crime Thrillers
Thrillers (Crime Fiction)
Thrillers (Amateur Sleuths)

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About The Author: Best-selling author John F. Dobbyn, a graduate of Harvard College, Boston College Law School, and Harvard Law School, is a former professor of law at Villanova Law School where he taught criminal, constitutional, and corporate law. Prior to his teaching career, Dobbyn served three years in the Air Force and practiced criminal and civil trial work. Twenty-five of his short stories have been published in Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine.

Dobbyn is the author of the award-winning Michael Knight and Lex Devlin legal thriller series. He is a Boston native and now resides in Valley Forge, Pennsylvania, with his wife, Lois. Deadly Depths is his seventh novel.

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