Call Of The Falconer by David W. Thompson

Call Of The Falconer by David W. Thompson.

You knew this was coming; we all did…

In a post-apocalyptic world, teen-aged Jeremy rushes to come of age even as the addict Morgan tries to reclaim his lost manhood and forgotten humanity. Jeremy’s sister Alicia is a young girl with a teddy bear under her arm…and the heart of a lion beating in her chest.

The monsters are all too real, both the human ones and the perversions of man. In the old world’s rubble, an ancient legend inspires a new hero to rise, but will our intrepid trio survive until his emergence?

Call of the Falconer is a dystopian novella creating a new mythology, as the forgotten of society become its heroes.

Review By Ray Simmons for Readers’ Favorite: 5 Stars! “Call of the Falconer by David W. Thompson is a post-apocalyptic story set in a future United States of America. It begins with a perfect storm of things going wrong, that ultimately results in the collapse of civilization as we know it. I am usually more optimistic about how the world will turn out, but having said that, I liked Call of the Falconer. It starts out kind of dark and grim. There’s no denying that. But let’s face it. The darker things are in the beginning of a tale, the more heroic the protagonist has to be in order to overcome all obstacles and set things right. You will find no better setting in which a hero needs to arise than this world created by David W. Thompson.

I liked the setting in which Call of the Falconer takes place. It is grim and gritty, but it is very recognizable as the result of mistakes being made in our world today. I found it very believable that some of our friends and neighbors would sink this low in a difficult, lawless time. I also found it just as believable that some people will rise above the chaos and restore human dignity and civilization. I like David W. Thompson’s writing. It fits the tone of this kind of story. I also liked the characters. Jeremy has to endure a lot at a very young age but he is motivated by his intrinsically good nature and his love for his little sister, Alicia. He has the memory of a good strong father and a loving, practical mother to sustain him. The plot, evolves around this, and I found it very believable in this fantastic setting. Call of the Falconer is a five-star read in this particular genre.”

“In the tradition of Moby Dick, Ulysses (& many by Stephen King), “Call of the Falconer’s” 1st person narrator bares his soul as he shares his emotional journey. Chapters alternate using the mysteries of a 3rd person point of view for the insights of our wannabe hero (perhaps anti-hero…) and the assembled cast of villains. All chapters are clearly marked with the character’s name to avoid confusion.”

From The Author: There’s a fair chance that readers have seen the word “new” used in the descriptions for this new release… and it is. I think you will find it is a different take on a terrifying new genre- dystopian/ post-apocalyptic. That said, it’s a new direction for me as an author as well. Historical paranormal tales are my usual fare and standard offering.

“Call of the Falconer” is my first novella and my first foray into this exciting new genre. I tried to envision different end-times scenarios and alternate dangers- both human and environmental in origin. I hope you will enjoy the reading, as much as I did, writing it. Thank you.

Product Details:
Series: The Falconer (Book 1)
Paperback: 74 Pages
Fiction (Dystopian)
Science Fiction (Superhero)
Mythology and Folk Tales

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About David W. Thompson: David W. Thompson is an award-winning author, a native of Southern Maryland, and a graduate of University of Maryland, University College. David’s love of the written word began early in life. He claims his first writing effort was “Dick and Jane” fan fiction when he was six years old- no doubt with a dark twist!

After his family and cheesecake, reading was his first love. It exposed him to people, cultures and ideas he’d never experience otherwise. Writing was a natural extension of this “out of body” experience as characters act as tour guides to their worlds, and their possibilities. He hopes to honestly convey the stories that they whisper in his ears.

When he isn’t writing, Dave enjoys time with his family and grandchildren, kayaking (mostly flat water please), fishing, hiking, archery, wine-making, and pursuing his other “creative passion”- woodcarving.

Often bloody, habitually dark, always original!

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