Boot & Milk Balls by Dutch Rhudy

Boot & Milk Balls by Dutch Rhudy.

Boot & Milk Balls take us back in time to the mirth and madness of a bygone era.

The antics of fun-loving, hometown characters, often turn bazaar.

Two popular legends, grossly entwined, evolve to become one macabre tradition.

Three additional short stories; Lost Books Found, Hidden Treasures and The MPA; bring this mischievous Des Peres, Missouri era to a close.

Product Details:
Print Length: ‎19 Pages
Publisher: ‎Classic Haus Limited, L.C.; Third Edition (March 17, 2014)
Language: ‎English
Short Story (Single Books and Collections)

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About Dutch Rhudy: Dutch Rhudy; referred to by his peers as the master of Mystery, Mayhem and Madness; resides in a quaint, east Tennessee post war cottage.

Any similarity to serenity, abruptly ends right here. For this mysterious Author of Mischief is about to enter his study. Or should I say, make an attempt at entry.

With a quick two-step, hop-scotching around and over the wildlife feeding pans strewn along the pathway, his feet manage to find a surviving clear landing spot at the study door. He reaches for the doorknob, gives it a sharp push, then stands in the doorway carefully eyeing a profusion of every trinket imaginable, gathered to study and perhaps use as a cue for a scene in a novel; this Pandemonium Plus setting leaves not a square inch of surface or floor area. Born in the mid-1940s; Rhudy actively interacted with his older relatives from the pre-1900s era.

Each had a story to tell about the good old days, their pioneer ancestors, the many antics they pulled as children; including more serious matters, about crime escalating over the years and how they confronted these issues.

Each family gathering added more unique stories of mirth and suspense which have found their way into Rhudy’s mental archives. As a young man, Rhudy worked evenings as a disc-jockey and script writer. Once available for full-time work, he assisted a small advertising firm and worked as a ghost writer for a columnist.

Through this association more work followed; with a request to ghost write several novels for teens and young adults, his career was under way and consumed over a decade before he took a break from writing. Rhudy is getting on up in years; the nest now deserted, peace and quiet has returned to the Rhudy household. Retirement affords him the time to release under the Roaring Falls series, many colorful stories spanning over 150 years.

Included within each story are glimpses into the history of his hometown, its activities and bring to life the many crimes from past to present. Often called “That Mysterious Mystery Solving Mayor of Roaring Falls,” Rhudy claims he solves no crimes; he allows the unraveling of each mystery be conducted by the world-renowned Rumbleigh Investigations.

There is much more about Roaring Falls than appears on the surface; If there is a secret to discover; a scandal, a sinister character, a hidden romance, or clue for solving a crime; some character will invariably let it slip out.

Author’s Published Works:

The Roaring Falls Series

Historical Series:

  • The History of Roaring Falls: Draft Completed, In Editing, Not Yet Published
  • The Journal of Josiah Stren 1828 – 1829 (Example Only): In Production

Mystery Series (Examples Only):

  • Death on The Landing
  • Riverboat Murders
  • The Oracle at Winnowing Rock
  • Torchlight at Summit Ridge

Romance Series (Examples Only):

  • Phoebe’s Wish
  • The Blue Petticoat
  • Prom Night Parties
  • Secret Life of Maggie Grupp

Stand-Alone Novels (Stand-alone publications):


  • A Secret In Ash Brooke

Short Stories (Stand-alone publications):


  • Boot & Milk Balls (Plus three additional short stories)
  • Lady Buff & Yardstick – The Three-Footed Kitten


  • The Elusive Smoking Gun
  • The Vanishing Corn Mystery

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