Bond Of Brothers: Danger Close by Robert J. Saniscalchi

BOND OF BROTHERS: DANGER CLOSE by Robert J. Saniscalchi.

Bond of Brothers: Danger Close is a Military thriller about the men and women in uniform, from the boots on the ground to the fighter jet pilots in the air. A victory over ISIS and the control of northern Iraq is a stake. Find out what happens in this action-packed story that takes the reader to the ever-volatile Middle East and the nightmare about to unfold in Iran. From the office of the President to the sands of Iraq, meet the men and women who fight for our freedom, everyone is involved in this action-packed, military Thriller.

From The Author: This story comes from my thoughts and research as I’m concerned with the ever-present dangers of terrorism and the volatile situation in the Middle East.  While a work of fiction, I tried to keep the story as relevant as possible without clogging it up with too many military details and protocol. Bond of Brothers: Danger Close was written with full respect and honor for our military.

About The Author: Robert J Saniscalchi, is the author of five published novels to date, his latest work- Danger Close, is another military thriller. He’s grateful for the positive feedback on his writing, it helps keeps him motivated. Robert is semi-retired and loving life in Sunny Florida.

5 Stars: Ever Present Danger!

Author Robert J. Saniscalchi begins his novel ‘BOND OF BROTHERS: DANGER CLOSE’ with a little US Military History lesson (U.S. Army, U.S. Navy, U.S. Air Force, U.S. Marines, U.S. Special Forces and the turmoil in Iraq) which I enjoyed reading.

Saniscalchi put his research to work developing an amazing cast of characters and real-life scenarios that draws the reader into the fight. The language is exact, the mission is real and the danger is close. You will want to read this military action-packed suspense thriller. Robert is a suburb story teller and adds a touch of romance to lighten the burden. Let me bring you into the story.

… The story opens with seventeen-year-old Emma Sincol from Brookeville. Maryland wondering whether to follow some of her friends to Penn State or St. John’s College in Annapolis. Her next thoughts turned to the military. What if I join the Navy? Or maybe the Air Force? To her surprise, she found out that she could go to St. John’s, to get into the R.O.T.C. program. She could hang out with Linda and learn to fly.

… “THE GATHERING STORM”: Back at the White House, at the cabinet meeting, the president and Secretary of Defense Lindsey Braham agreed, and the order was given: the United States of America was placed on defense alert status Defcon 1. The military was put on a readiness posture, for immediate response to threats or attacks.

… “THE GOOD AND THE BAD: In the early morning hours, just past 0400, the operator of the new Q-West Patriot Missile Defense System had noticed something on the edge of his screen. He dismissed it at first, but then it came again: a faint blip far on the outer limit of the radar. He estimated it to be in Iranian airspace, but heading in their general direction. It didn’t take long before the Patriot system was on full lock and tracking the inbound target. The experienced operator initiated the base alarm immediately, as he noticed the familiar high speed and trajectory of the object heading toward them: it was an inbound missile.

… “INTO THE FIGHT”: Jason jumped into the night sky, the wind slamming him hard. He looked over and watched Stavos fall in, close to him. Momentarily, the whole Delta team was clear of the aircraft and freefalling, feeling almost weightless as they moved downward, like birds on the wing. At the right altitude, they pulled their chutes open.

… “WIN OR LOSE?”: Back in Washington, the president was in the situation room, looking at a video of a radar screen, showing the missile and its flight path from the southwestern border area of Iran. “How long do we have before it reaches Israel?” he asked.

… “WHAT HAPPENS”: You will need to read this read this intense story to find out what happens. I hope I have given you enough information to set the stage for ‘Bond Of Brother-Danger Close’ by Robert J Saniscalchi. Please pick up Robert’s other books: ‘Bullets and Bandages’, ‘Butterfly Lake’, ‘Freedom’s Light’ and ‘My Life For Her’.

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Paperback: ‎168 Pages
Publisher: Independently Published (June 26, 2021)
Language: ‎English
Fiction (War & Military Action)
Fiction (War Based On Fiction)
Fiction (Action Thriller)
Fiction (Action and Adventure)
Thriller & Suspense Action
War (War & Military Action)
War (War Based On Fiction)

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About The Author:  Robert James Saniscalchi was born in Belleville, New Jersey. He has a passion for writing, and stays motivated by the positive feedback and reviews about his books. He’s a married man, a patriot that believes in God and Country. Robert’s roots go back to Italy, no wonder he likes Italian food and good wine. All Sales of his books on Amazon-Smile help support this worthy charity.

Robert is an author, writer, and reader of the known and unknown. He has a passion for using his imagination, and writing from his heart.

Robert is the author of the acclaimed books- The original story that is- Bullets and Bandages, the fictional thriller-My Life, For Her- now in enhanced edition, and his new thriller- Freedom’s Light. Robert enjoys the great outdoors, he truly believes, “The best things in life are free.” Robert’s books are also on ACX-Audible.

Robert is an active member of a variety of online writing and reading communities.

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