Black Water: The China Connection by Robert J. Saniscalchi

BLACK WATER: The China Connection by Robert J. Saniscalchi.

Action-Packed Sequel To Bond Of Brothers: Danger Close…

It is five years since Delta Force stopped a deadly missile attack in the Middle East. Now team leader Jason Patrick is living a quieter life in North Carolina with his family, stationed at Fort Bragg.

But that is about to change when a new, even deadlier threat emerges from China. Its hostile president and top scientists have developed “Black Water” – a chemical agent which renders any water it comes into contact with toxic and undrinkable with just a few drops. And, with operatives already in place, they are planning to carry out a massive chemical attack on American soil.

So Jason and his special forces brothers – Tex, Jorge, Derek and a couple of new faces – are sent into the action once again. But this time they’re going to need all the teamwork they can get to defeat the world’s deadliest superpower, from the security services, law enforcement, and most of all from the community-spirited, patriotic people of small-town America…

Review by Fran Lewis-Just Reviews: Black Water, The China Connection. Will America stop what China started? The unexpected happens to Delta Force, what will be the outcome? Lives are lost, men wounded, but Jason Patrick and his team never waiver in the fight for their lives and the fate of America. The Author brings us to how we must embrace our Military and those who serve in the thick of the night and their fight to keep America Safe.

From The Author: Excited about my new story, this one takes the reader from the military thriller, Bond of Brothers: Danger Close and into the future of Special Forces, Jason Patrick and the  Delta team.  In an ever changing world, things happen and good against evil comes into play. I believe readers will enjoy the connection to today’s world events, especially considering the China threat.

Product Details:
Paperback: ‎195 Pages
Publisher: Independently Published (April 28, 2023)
MJV Literary Matt McAvoy (Editor)
Language: ‎English
Fiction (War & Military Action)
Fiction (War Based On Fiction)
Fiction (Action Thriller)
Fiction (Action and Adventure)
Thriller & Suspense Action
War (War & Military Action)
War (War Based On Fiction)
War (Political Fiction)

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About The Author: Robert’s Award-Winning books are here, and thanks for stopping by for a peek. Robert has a passion for writing and stays motivated by the positive feedback and reviews about his stories. To date, Robert has been awarded Gold and Silver Awards from Literary Titan and 5-Star Awards from Readers’ Favorite for his excellence in writing. Some of his books are dedicated to our Veterans and to those who serve and protect our freedom today. All Sales of Robert’s books on Amazon-Smile help support the Chordoma Foundation, a Worthy Charity.

Robert enjoys reading, sports and the great outdoors, and truly believes, “It’s never too late to learn something new.” Robert, is an active member of a variety of online writing and reading communities to share and perhaps be of some help to others. He invites you to visit his website and ask questions.

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