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My name is Sylvia Dickey Smith and people tell me I see everything and miss nothing. Well, that might be so for some things, but I certainly did not see that car in the grocery store parking lot that I parked behind–in the SAME parking space. Got a clue something was wrong when I got paged to the courtesy desk. Imagine the egg on my face when I walked outside to find two men standing there wondering what dumb driver did that! (And guessing the drive was a woman, I figure. If so, they were correct.)

My passion is story, reading writing or telling. Always has been. To tell a great story, I believe I must make myself vulnerable. If I do otherwise, I cheat my characters out of a real-life personality. I take risks, I delve into those parts of myself that are the most vulnerable–my own life experiences, particularly those painful or delightful parts. Then, when I get there, I don’t allow myself to blink (read, pull back). Instead, I write right through that painful part of my life, thereby giving life to my characters. At least that is my intent. I am told I do that well.

The past is never the past. I bring ‘ghosts’ from my own past into my personal and professional life. For me to develop my characters well, I must set these ‘ghosts’ free. I do that by facing my, and their, fears head on.

I love writing strong women. They don’t always start out that way, but by the time I get through with them, they are. Why? Because as they grow stronger and find their voice, so do I.

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