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Sabato DiVincenti is a husband, father, and grandfather whose writing is inspired from various vintage television wartime series, World War II movies, and espionage films. He resides with his wife Paula in Florida. By day Sabato enjoys a successful career as an executive in heavy civil construction. He is self-taught and prides himself on mentoring and sharing his knowledge with others. By night his mind drifts into the world of fiction. Join Sabato as he debuts his first novel, intertwining personal and memorable experiences into a story of romance, drama, intrigue, espionage, and suspense. He meticulously and thoughtfully created this exceptionally written love story. His creativity takes the reader beyond expectations with a page turning plot set during World War II. As his love story unfolds, DiVincenti’s mind wanders with immense imagination narrating the lives of Karl and Katarina. Eerie events occur which changes the path of the young couple’s lives forever. Turning the pages becomes infectious as the reader follows their journey to its conclusion.

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